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Fox. Each episode I guess comes on to play a clip of their jokes and then discusses how they wrote it and how it fits into what they're trying to do with their comedy. This week's guest is the God. Dang legend George Wallace George Wallace who was born Henry Wallace changes name for SAG, reasons starting to comedy the same day literally the same day in the late nineteen seventies as his future best friend Jerry Seinfeld. Like Jerry George just has a joke writers. They go through the world like like Terminator and everything they see just sort of gets through as a joke it must be very frustrating as a way of living, but it is. The reason why they're able to be so prolific. So George never wanted a sitcom of his own, but but just like Jerry did find a way to remain relevant for nearly fifty years, which is. Unbelievable when you think about it. For, while he was one of the country's most in demand stand-ups but more recently, Georgia's found new audience on twitter because. In my opinion is the best twitter feed to follow. It's hard to describe why he While everyone else is sort of screaming about whatever the thing to scream about is that day he's like consistently so silly and so a world in his own that like every tweet see from him is like a breath of fresh air and literally if you aren't even on twitter, you should just periodically just go in and check his tweets. It rules. For today's episode, I asked George to send me a joke. You know like, I. Always. Do in response his team semi a really long super cut of him doing a variety of jokes under one theme one catchphrase which was stupid stuff. George throughout his career has had a variety of catchphrases phrases I think in his probably his most well known. And he'll have these frames and it was sort of right like hundreds of jokes that fit under it that he can sort of feed in and out depending on how the audiences responding depending on what context season and. So. It's important to note that the clips are all from different shows in different venues is that that is something we talk about a lot in the interview to explain the first clip is from two thousand, sixteen, an appearance he did at the Montreal just for laughs festival, which is the comedy industry's biggest event every normal year the next one was filmed in two fourteen as he is wrapping up his historic ten year run at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, which at the time earned him the nickname of the new Mr Vegas. Then it's walls two thousand eleven appearing ED support the troops event for the Debbie e than two, thousand ten, which is walls on Craig Ferguson. Galway back to walls as nineteen ninety-two appearance on Def comedy jam followed lastly by walls. Nineteen ninety-one HBO. One night. Stand special. On display is how a master works a joke you know it's It's really a matter of having interest a huge report why I've heard George say that he essentially has like five six hours worth of jokes and he just decides what to tell based on how the nate's going and. That is what the communities of his generation were trained to do, which is this right jokes over and over again about as many things as possible. There are few comedians ever who were as good as it as Georgia's. So here is George Wallace. If, you can't laugh listen you can't laugh in a where did you know that people say.

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