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The Starlight lounge presents an evening the progressive box. Oh, what a great audience. Let's stem the lights for this next one too much there. It is you to get things. Just right like progressives. Name your price tool. Tell us what you want to pay and we help you find coverage options to fit your budget. And now the movies is right. Wait the lights are back on again. Trudy can you and now it's completely dark? Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Pricing coverage match limited by state law. A radio news. I'm Rita Foley lay. The president may send as many troops to the Mexican border as the US has in Afghanistan as he looks to Tuesday's elections. The president's been drawing an increasingly hard line on immigration, but denies he's trying to sow fear as a way of rallying his base. Immigrations, very important subject. He says between ten and fifteen thousand troops could end up at the border as migrant caravan slowly move toward the US be prepared then not coming into our country. Saga megani? At the White House. Today is the start of sign up season under the Affordable Care Act. Millions of people are expected to go to the healthcare dot gov website to shop for health insurance plans to take effect January. First average premiums are expected to increase by only single digits nationally, and in some states, some plan types will actually drop in price to McGuire Washington there is now an important clue for those investigating the crash of an Indonesian jetliner with one hundred eighty nine people on board. They've found the flight data recorder AP correspondent Steven Wright is in Jakarta. What? Will give information such as speed and altitude that will be the final word on those factors and the. But you can juice along with co voice recordings. What was going on? Mclane the plane went down on Monday in the Java sea everybody on board is believed to have died. The FDA is labeling the drug known as ecstasy a potential breakthrough for those who suffer from PTSD. The government's now cleared studies involving hundreds of patients Amazon wants to teach ten million kids how to code. It's launching a program today. They will offer kindergarteners through eighth graders free summer camps and after school programs. This is AP radio news. Unexpected findings about a cancer operation. Surprising findings in two studies are reversing the medical field's approach to surgery for cervical cancer. The studies found a higher death rate for women opting for the less invasive solo para Skopje surgery than those who underwent the more traditional radical hysterectomy. Dr Pedro Ramirez who led the larger study says at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston patience. With early cervical cancer who require a radical hysterectomy are no longer operated on through a minimally invasive approach. Researchers theorize the higher death rate for the less invasive surgeries may have something to do with the tools or techniques spreading cancer cells from the tumor to the abdominal cavity. I'm Mike Rossier? Police say a Piedmont airlines, baggage handler told them he was drunk when he fell asleep in a cargo hold and flew from Kansas City, Chicago they found him on the flight landed the airline says it's grateful. He wasn't hurt. I'm Rita Foley. AP radio news. Whether it's our hearts lungs or other organs, the were diagnosis tends to make us uneasy at Kaiser Permanente our specialists care for you and about you working together, creating a treatment plan specific to your diagnosis and total health so from primary to specialty care fine reassurance. In a great team of healthcare professionals committed to your healthy recovery. Visit KP dot org slash specialty care to learn more preservation hotel to the mail and exists incorporated. Twenty one and one as Jefferson street Rockville, Maryland two zero five two.

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