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If you're in the market to buy a home soon, I'm Bloomberg's and Cates. That story is coming up in five minutes. California's Corona virus infection totals Top two million The stories coming up in the next 15 minutes, but first 3 45 traffic and weather together. Every 10 minutes finds brought you by Jack in the box. Here's Brian Douglas are 2 15 Shut down at Allesandro South Dowling shutdown so further notice police investigation. We had someone get shot here. I believe in the one o'clock hour, So you being forced off onto eucalyptus again? Sycamore Canyon to the West actually is starting to look better than it did before the frontage road, which is to the east of the freeway, starting to look really happy, really happy as a matter of fact, from Bombay Avenue down the cactus. You want to rejoin the freeway? A cactus? No matter what's right, you take that's your key there for your south bound side. Otherwise, I believe you can get on and Allesandro south bound. Just play it safe. Their investigations right around the interchange. There makes you get on a cactus and you'll be good to go. We've got a new problem for your two tenants Respond siding Glendora. Scott's got the Southern California Total dealers to 10 Gem camp. Well, Fortunately right now, the backups not horrible, but it's definitely here. It's on the two teeny eastbound between some flour in the 57 where we do have a crash with several cars blocking the two right lanes and looks like fire department is getting over there, too. So immediate backup at this point from just about grand, but you'll have some on all flowing out of Pasadena. Looks like starting just about through Rosemead Boulevard is you work your way out past the 605. So this problem, The Santa Monica Freeway cleared westbound past library. A. That's all good. Still little slowing back to Crenshaw. Least pounds actually, looking pretty good from about we'll say about Robertson a little slow making you wait till a break after that speeds definitely improved and appear on that one of five real quick, just getting word now of a crash, one of five west of the 7 10. Watch out for delays. Jack.

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