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7, ask Dell. Good morning, it's 1138. Time for traffic and weather on the 8s, we have Rita Kessler and the traffic center. Right now, if you're on the beltway the inner loop of the beltway in Virginia, slows from route 50 headed toward 66 with the work in the right lane. Then the inner loop heavy from the toll road toward Georgetown pike, outer loop has a delay after the merge with the spur, headed across the American legion bridge to Georgetown pike, watch for the work taking the left lane in both directions. The outer loop after route 7 in Tyson's the broken down vehicle moved to the right shoulder, travel lanes have been reopened, southbound 95 slows crossing the arca Quan, the northbound backup begins before route three in Fredericksburg headed past 17. This is the work in the right lane. In Maryland, northbound New Hampshire avenue had delays headed toward mezera road where you were under police direction for the crash, southbound, Connecticut, near Jones bridge road, the left lane gets by the work, and in the district. It was southbound D.C. two 95 near the 11th street bridge. That was a report of a work crew with delays near Pennsylvania avenue. Northbound I two 95 had been heavy a little earlier toward eastern avenue, looks like whatever was there, has cleared. By warehouse directed, imagines warehouse with over 30 queen mattresses for less than 7 9 9. Plus 0% interest financing and free next day delivery. I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic. To swarm team form meteorologist Mike's dinner. Good-looking weather pattern for the next several days for this afternoon, lots of sunshine, breezy at times. It'll be warmer. We'll get up to a high in the low to mid 60s, fair skies and Ida will be Shelly most of the 30 suburbs lower 40s in the

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