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Or party for. Twenty seven thousand five hundred dollars. I learned that from agent tweet about the Dan band, that'd be a foot. Dan ban is less though the one I actually really looked at, which I think was ten was Richard cheese. You heard radio. He's Richard. She does like lounge cover? Yes, metal saw was really well good. Yeah, I have heard of it. Yeah, but but we're getting, I'm getting married in AM. So just out of curiosity, I asked my agent, you find me like how much it costs to get like real bands. Yeah, just I need to know it. Yeah. Like if you really should be sick if I walked on, oh my God. Amazing. That'd be awesome. Yeah, but but you but we not that I have thirty two, but I considered something like that. But then it's like they're not playing. You're like wedding songs and yeah, there and like maybe you could convince them to play along a bit and do a few covers or whatever. But primarily you'd be hosting a real big fish concert wedding. Yeah, we went against. Yeah, true. But like you could get, who is what was the really Darius? Rucker was twenty. And I thought for a minute that that would actually be kinda cool to have Hootie and the blowfish, but who'd he, I don't need office. You just eat Hootie, didn't he hit it and like started different band for, I think mostly country. But if you can book Tim, he knows what he needs to play the. Yeah, you slip an extra five. You're like. Oldies, but there was like some little punk bands and stuff that you've heard of that you sell cool. You you. It's like there's a, there's a real sweet spot. And I mean, you gotta be fucking loaded obviously, but there's a real sweet spot at about seventy five grand, which is we look if you're selling tickets or something, you know, or are you had a charity or doing something but like seventy, five grand? We'll get you like live like a big band for the nineties. Yeah, you know what I Like mean? a band. It's like, whoa, really? Like bands and oh, who's the other one that was like seventy five. That was soul. Asylum was forty, Sola silent for forty, right? Fuck. Who was the other nineties banned? I feel like every every ever clear you could get ever clear for seventy five pretty good, actually. All right. All right. Never clear your what? Yeah. Yeah. Or you might you don't wanna fuck up. I get someone like to sad though. You don't wanna get like some shit. It's like buying a fifteen year old Bentley. Yeah. Yeah, right. Oh wow. These were four hundred grand when they come eighty eighty five grand tantric oh my God. You know, I thought it'd be fun is modest Yahoo. Actually I thought for a Jewish wedding, modest Yahoo, bedroom and a lot. But he I bet you these over a hundred thousand not really more than I can afford but not over one hundred is he was like I like sixty or seventy. Yeah, because he's only because it depends on how you people in the band too. Right? Yes, big bands. It's like if you wanna big bad voodoo daddy, it's like a hundred grand in their a one hit. Wonder fourteen of how about just Natalie Imbruglia. We got a bath tub. Fifteen grand feeling apple. At the top end imagine go, she aiding with those people. Oh my God. That's what James agent for you. Talk to them like fucking if the very top in case anyone's curious, Billy Joel Elton, John share Madonna and who the fuck was the other one. Somebody just Rolling Stones and YouTube were two million. That was the high end. Yeah, I've heard stories. I thought I think it was Jim Jefferies performed at some famous actors birthday or something. David Packers birthday party out of Packer, you, you don't. He's a, he's an Australian rich guy was engaged to Mariah Carey. That's why you know who he is. He's Mariah Carey's boyfriend story was about per her hiring him to perform at his birthday party and not remembering who he was..

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