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The matt cassel all you guys will start patrick mahomes let's see how many years you've been in the league at this point a lot led team let's call it nineteen okay eighteen eighteen from i he would have gotten hurt one year one year would have just tried to pull up paying the rent are followed when they won that one that one year the he played like no valid hit him in the knee a while a that would make a mess that wouldn't have been in the pocket matt cassel getting hard zero i bill bell jack the great coach but matt cassel the are you may rise here's the thing with alex smith his chance to into he would have a chance to win all three of the first super bowl tom brady one you'd have a chance now how many of those could he plays well tom brady did down the stretch how many of those is he gonna it'd be able to execute the fourth quarter like brady brady was definitely managing the game then which is pretty much alex smith did his entire career so i'm i'm afraid they're going to i would probably lean towards one but two of the three i could see happening patrick mahomes were pushing were pushing double digits easy where easily ten eleven no question patrick mahomes was five win tom brady won his first super bowl i don't think it's working out particularly well no a matt castle is winning zero it if i could give him lessons zero i would 'em that dude is not taking them to eight super bowl congratulations on winning eleven games actually ten because i believe the patriots won the game that the chiefs played a so you know tom brady got hurt but he's still start that game a no not guys linger alex smith is winning one super bowl he is knocking on the door several times and he ac championship game but at some point you're quarterback has to win the game and we really didn't see much of that with alex smith in his time in kansas city it's just it no no disrespect the alex smith thank you for everything you've done for us and for you know taking patrick with on the homes under wing patrick mahomes realistically he win seven he gets there as many maybe two more times than tom brady does whoops i said it bill bell checks amazing this is more of a credit to bill bell check because bill bell check is incredible not matt cassel winning a super bowl incredible because he's not the miracle worker but he's not like you don't know a multi miracle worker her 'em but yeah anyways david as matt cassel even make the playoffs is many times it's tom brady's won the super bowl with bill bell check yes no maybe it's one shut up craig go on vacation david asks one summer of spags is done how about eight series on special teams maybe eight time of tober i love it i i hear the term for court kickoff kick return punt return punts but why is it not six width field goal and extra point i'll answer that one because there's not a ton of moving parts to that sorry old will keep going i want this question to be answered what what makes tobe so special so there's one border football but i pay attention to the special teams i am i have no answer for anybody i could not even begin to tell you what told does to make the chief special consistently good other than he has a rather large say i think in the roster construction so he gets athletes he wants guys think he wants out there on the field in besides that i honestly couldn't tell you i think geyser relatively disciplined in terms of the lanes the running in how they're setting up blocks but i couldn't even begin to breakdown single special teams play in why it works and why does it work other the tyree kills really fast i think we hear him talk a little bit about his attention to detail i think maybe that did it kind of goes hand in hand with what matt talking about being disciplined and you're lanes and everything like that it doesn't ever seem like people are on different pages and granted it's it's kick returns and punt returns and things like that but even more complex things that they try and do the trick plays it they try and do stuff like that everybody seems to be on the same page doing their job it it just seems like maybe there's a he he.

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