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Still like you see his eye twitching uses Kramer head over the Atlantic Sun. Walk US through the conference. So you're GonNa make me do that. Okay Cool Atlantic Sun I learned this is being played in. Fort Myers Florida. How far is that from your rental property? Close enough why you want to go check it out you can hang out mom and POPs mom and POPs real money. Grabber quick sidebar. I think the xfl battle hawks are in the running for a possible road trip destination. I mean we should fans are jumping through flaming table. They got thirty thousand people in the dome. You see the shirts Kokos. Yeah I mean it sounds like an awesome game day experience. So we'll say put that as a possibility. They've had what they've got to. Now you can see. They can maintain the whole season. Maybe when roughneck fever comes to town now that is something I can get involved. That's a matchup. Hopefully it's safe to travel at that point but this this This alantic tournament is being played in. Fort Myers Florida March third fifth and eighth the odds stacking up like we got a chalky favorite liberty minus three fifty. I know that they are in the top seventy for Kemp so there are a real team nor North Florida. Plus Four Twenty Lips. Come plus twenty two hundred. We've had. We've heard of them before I wanted to make sure. I'm David North Alabama and Jacksonville. Fifty to one Stetson one hundred to one engine. Njit one twenty five to one and article. John Coast Universe. One hundred fifty to one what what happened there. Joe Dooley Went East Carolina. It'd be the head coach. Put these teams together. We'll liberty actually football and basketball is something to watch. They've been quickly jumping up conferences. They seem out cloudy tons of money. Jerry Falwell so I expect liberty to be like in the sun better conference a pretty soon. I just this is a strange collection of teams liberty again. My Kim palm data highly recommended not not not getting paid to say this sean again. I'm GONNA get an email from you after the show but if you're betting on college basketball lots of data over their highly recommended very cheap paywall pay for it You'RE WELCOME LIBERTY. Twenty seven and four the clear favourite but they are tied with North Florida. And Yeah I love the. I'm going big on the North Florida. Ospreys twenty-five barking dogs. No you aren't here's why do dare dominant offensively. Seventy eight point one points. A game lead the conference by a wide margin. They're also hitting threes. They're averaging twelve three points a game very consistent from the foul line seventy six and a half percent. Here's the thing it seems like. It's these two teams every other team. So that's exactly what it is. Well okay so they get to the finals. You're not going to be able to get four twenty five in the championship game. Three hundred to fifty. Sure about though yeah. Stetson did beat South Carolina this year. What is isn't that a hat company Cologne Stetson Cologne on. I'm going North Florida ospreys. I like the underdog aspect. I don't WanNa lay three fifty four conference tournament unless it's truly a sure thing and I don't. I don't see it here. Liberties value here. Liberty is legit north. Florida I still think pretender. I know they won once against liberty. But I just think liberty is the team to beat. They almost beat. Lsu At Lsu They got Caleb Helmsley. This dude was a study a couple of years ago when when when liberty made the tournament. I'm trying to tell you something about the conflict. Outdoor hats boots. This is some sort of lifestyle cowboy in Andrew Luck might be quite a bit of shopping. Dotcom it looks a lot like something boy Andrew. Look I mean I'm with Koby I think chalk for a reason I I know. Sometimes it's fun to take a long shot and one of these. This is not. This is not the conference to do that this year but North Florida's not crazy conference to do that at. Nfl aspirations are hitting their threes. Look out liberty runs a defensive minded team and that's but if you're hitting open shots you can say it's the flames hand down hot. The flames stay hot liberty will dictate the tempo. They are one of the slowest pace teams in the country. They might pay their players because Falwell's got endless money and he's he wasn't he linked to the Russia trump deal somehow athletic team teams down. There are coming out of nowhere. If you've ever been a ton of money behind these sports just got some breaking news to see the Youtube Chat Room. Matthew Hansen coming in with a nice. Let's go ospreys birds of trae talk so awesome totally in now. I'm actually look. I'm a one man. One Bird Man. What does that come on now? man. I thought you were GONNA say softballs on the TV. You guys bail. Yeah give me liberty all the way. They're the only real. They're the only real team here. North Florida's offense will get stifled by liberties defense and the tempo thought he was going to say as one bird is the tofurkey. Oh come on you walked into the Iran. Joe It's not a good job. Well that's what I sold the company act out all right. We DO ENOUGH. Atlantic Sonntag Sean. You're better than that. Let's move on to the big south. This is of course played at campus sites. Sean what does that mean well? Don't they're not cool enough to have a fancy neutral site stadium so they just use their home courts. This will be played on March Third Fifth Sixth and eighth we have Radford of course the horrors of Radford Return at plus one twenty the co-favorite with winthrop winthrop winthrop gardener. This is why Sean normally does the names. We get to make fun of him and not me. Gardner Webb plus seven hundred. We've I've heard that beating. Virginia Halftime Sixteen. Of course Longwood another place that has known to have whores plus six thousand Hampton also six thousand with Campbell. Unc Ashville and Sh- Charleston southern one hundred twenty two one USC that's gotTa be South Carolina upstate South Carolina up. I did copy and paste this from a source. I Did Not Valley South Carolina. Upstate is three hundred to one. And Jesus Christ in the one respite Syrian thousand one high point D fifty. Imagine setting the line on high point go. You know. We're not going to get enough action if we make it a thousand to one. What about twelve hundred one? Not Enough we need to make it fifteen hundred one points. Basketball Coach is has a national championship. No but I'm sure you're going to tell US Smith no Roe. Wow Wow what how the mighty have fallen I was GONNA say former says Alma Mater Golden Gopher. So what does he just doing some charity doing anywhere? Look I mean like the play here what you got to go you look. I hate to be going back to back but Radford is better than the rest. It's a home game for them. They won at northwestern in the big ten earlier this year. They beat the beating Richmond. Who's all right now on the bubble? Bradford's the best team out of the bunch here. They got I'm also all in Radford to getting all Southampton Road Products Carla Jones one of the best scores in college basketball. He gets twenty points a game. Five boards five assists seven five seven. Sean Yeah I mean. Handed has some athletes Travis Fields Donald Hicks second and third and scoring. You'RE GONNA Hampton. No no no they they. They're Southampton Road. They went to high school there. Okay third in scoring and I I mean Radford. Is the chalk play here? I'm riding him I mean again I think they will be able to dictate the tempo they play a very slow tempo and a conference filled with teams. That seem to like to ruin. If Radford's the highlanders I've been to BLACKSBURG. Why are you even putting those two citizens there like two miles apart from each other? Right very diffe. It Bradford's The highlanders Islamic Virginia Tech. The landers I don't know what you're trying to get at but I'll tell you what I'm gonna I'm Gonna. I'm GonNa tell you what I'm GonNa tell you right now. That is if this conference tournament is being played at campus sites and Radford is the what seed one the one seed so they'll host every game. Yeah well they will certainly deploy the horrors Radford and there's no getting out of Bradford without something weird I've never been to the city of Radford and not had a crazy experience with alcohol and and maybe even women legislature right definitely not. There's no sort of there. That's that's a full town on the table and beneath the table. Sean I am. I'm sticking with a second shock play here. Radford gets it done like you said they recruit from the fruitful seven five seven. I mean yeah. They got a lot of local kids. Great athletes go in triple Radford.

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