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It was the worst miss ignificant the point of his story was it's the first time i distinctly remember lying to my parents and the the sort of realization was that uh you know i think you spend most of early childhood or at least the part that i can remember clearly thinking your parents are infallible and know exactly what they're doing and no everything all the time and that was the first time like lying to them about that was the first time i realized hey maybe they don't know everything they can't see it all the time and they are kind of just taking my word for it on most things that's why i was a a distinct story that set out uh did you start lie on after that you know what i don't i i wouldn't trace it directly to that i guess caze shen is not cause aladi is that how that goes no that summary there is a definite relationship i don't know if it was the cause but it was definitely the beginning of my memory of lying okay it's as oscar wilde with said the decay of lying if we're going yes so if i'm going to be on a writing podcast i could you know getting some from weather of talking about oscar wilde right this is the safest place for drug drop all of your literary knowledge we want here we'll so emir issa it what do you right you know where do you ray wait wait hold on all that we're not just going to gloss over the the story that you told ira or yeah i know i was going to say the same thing air um i i am committed.

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