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Back to the phones caller what's your name and from where you calling hi my name deletion i'm calling from la he at least show which a question okay first off i just wanted to say i indy hi sam in high miss patty lebow my time so storied your election um so and it kinda goes with take your backing off of you that talking about uh luther vandross um i know that year mariah carey's godmother and i was wondering four mariah carey you're such a powerhouse in she such a powerhouse so what advice could you give her going into 2018 just to say smart ya um she's a very brilliant lady she had bad people around her you know sometimes at mestre up forbid but she's still the mariah carey who started she's a good wonderful person do you do you ever how often do you speak maybe twice a month twice a month now i mean we talk because if i think she is bad i beater and do you do so do you so like after the new year's thing happened did you that was something that is happening right now she's human yeah and do you but do you ever call show in those conversations would you've ever said juror listen i i don't think you have the best people around you or i don't think you're knowing that i would say she would know exactly what i've met because i met some of those people and we will talk to each other after you have to keep my little girl on or off on the right track i can yes and now she's better she's back yeah you heard it out there.

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