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And welcome back to coast to coast. Timothy green Beckley with us as we talk about his work alien bloodlust are there vampires in space. That's kind of scary to think that way, but Tim, isn't it? Well, I don't think we should sugar coat the the the evidence. I mean, I know you you've had like you mentioned people on the program like degree are who thinks that all UFO beings are of a sweetness and light. But that the evidence just doesn't support that particularly theory. But you know, when we when we talk about UFO's, we're talking about a whole of phenomena now, I guess you're familiar. I we've discussed him on the air before other works of Charles fort trust for it was this forty times, right? And and author who spent most of his life in the in the in the library in New York City, and in I believe London. In fact, I visited his. Where he is buried entire family is buried in the rural cemetery just outside of Albany with some strange phenomena has gone on. I think we've had on the show here at twenty Cunningham who's talked about the men in black who show up in the cemetery. Not too far where Charles Schwartz family is is a buried, but it trust white collected all sorts of stories and clippings and particularly events that were described in scientic journals of time about strange phenomena, and one of the things that he collected was a stories about the fall of objects of from a clear sky. Now, we hear from time to time on the news. Of course, things like ice that false perhaps from a toilets on an airplane. It'll come through somebody falling down through somebody's. A real fair. Blue is a windshield or something. But I don't know if your listeners are familiar with the fact that there have been dozens of episodes of blood that has actually fallen from the sky. Geez, now heard that well, the the most recent incident, I think India about four or five years ago, but in the alien bloodlust the book we? Percent of the stories and actual encounters and accounts from a hundreds of years ago. There was one that took place in in Rome, for example, oh in, you know, fifteen or sixteen hundred where red rain which turned out to be analyzed blood actually fell from the from the from the sky fact, well, actually that was an eighteen ninety and the blood was famine by the health authorities in the laboratory and determined that it in fact was a blood, and there have been dozens of cases right here in the United States where blood add fresh meat has actually flown from the sky. In fact, that the best known incident took place in Kentucky on March third of eighteen seventy six in fact, that traces of the meat are actually still preserved in a in a in a jar. And they're on the shelf some museum somewhere. I can't remember the name of the museum off. And but the story goes that it was a clear and sunny afternoon when it began to rain a fresh meat from the sky in a field in Kentucky, and the meat started sticking trees and fences and covered the area of about one hundred yards and several people picked it up and took it home and one woman claim that she actually tasted the the meat and that her taste buds. It seemed like it was a freshly cut. So what does this meet that's falling from the sky people will say, oh, it was a way. A tornado. Tornado isn't a picking up a freshly cut the slices of beef and tropic it in your your field. I wouldn't I wouldn't think of the fact that it's still preserved to this day in museum somewhere. I certainly gives the credibility to the account. And there were there was another incident in eighteen nineteen where an object that landed in a field in Amherst, which I think is in Wisconsin. It was an object the size of a bowl. But when the ball was opened up it had some sort of a substance in it, and to the people that examined it seemed to be glee substance perhaps need mixed with something else. But again, it fell out of a of a clear sky. Now, there's one individual he's deceased, but I did some corresponding with many many years ago commander Alvin more now Alvin more actually not only collected the story Charles Ford had related in several of his books wild talent and low I think where the two books that had quite a bit in there about the fall of the objects of blood rain from the sky, but he found incidences himself he investigated and found that there were many other cases with exit fall from the sky and often very related or associated with the with the blood. There was always some mixture of blood in it. So where is this a blood, you know, coming from now commander more came up with the theory that there were invisible islands that existed around the planet that could not be seen by the human eye. And from the time that were populated by. What do you call the sky, the sky people and from time to time? These objects would rain down from these. Invisible. Planets, but the islands in the sky. I guess that's wait described it, and he believed that they were these Skype people were able to cloak themselves in a shield if a visibility. So that for the most part, they could not be seen the entities cannot be seen and the craft even if they were invisible for time with dissolving in Sydney are before our eyes. And if you look at the some of the cases, they hear a lot of the cases that have been investigated. You'll note that this is what happens witness. We'll see an object. Sometimes we'll land in just not realize right in in front of them. And there are cases, of course, where I've been physically seen, but nothing has been picked up on on radar. And then the opposite can also be a true where radar will pick up some unexplainable phenomena in the sky, but nothing is invisible to the human eye. So he had he had a dozens and dozens of reports. He published a diary, and we have some of the pages with a guy ary in the alien bloodlust the books where he talks about people here who were actually attacked by some sort of invisible entity in some cases, bite markings bite marks or or scratches were seen on their body. Some of them actually appearing in front of witnesses. There's one episode that he talks about that took place in the nineteen fifties early nineteen sixties in Manila where they're so a woman a housewife complaint that she was being attacked by some unseen force on a regular basis. And I the authorities thought that she was just making it up or. Scratching herself. Or are you just doing it to get a pension? But apparently, this wasn't the case because they took it to the local police station and on the way there the police officer in the patrol car could actually see what appear to be new scratch marks and bite bite marks carrying on her flesh. And for her own safety. They even put her inside a painter inside a f- a jail cell and even while she was in jail cell. She was being attacked. But yes. Yep. Nothing physically be seeing that was doing this Tim tell us about to tell us about this Amazon rivers story because this one this is baffling. Well, it's an includes some over four hundred individuals four hundred four hundred at least four hundred documented cases, nineteen seventy seven and nineteen seventy eight. Object, which was nicknamed Pachuca, which may basically means suck suck in Portuguese was described as being like a refrigerator shape the object, and it would either come up out of the ocean. Or would be seen, you know, coming across the sky, and it would shoot a a horizontal beam of light out at the the individuals who are being attacked and out of this. Well, first of all they had burn marks on their body. But out of the race that was being shot from the bottom of the craft would come out of some sort of like, oh pincher objects that would actually more into their skin and make circular marks in it. In fact, again on the coast to coast website, there should be a picture of a a young lady who was attacked by one of these objects, and they all say they fell into a coma, but they would drain the blood and for four or five. Days. They were some of them were hospitalized or they were unable to they were menu mobile and couldn't move or get around and whole villages there were under siege. By these objects, they'd cut to the point where people were afraid to go out at night, they were afraid to go fishing. They would be home and the rays of light to being beamed down from these two Pachuca would actually come through the roof and the walls of their home and strike them. And there were a couple of cases of apparently human mutilations taking place now, whether they were exactly associated with this Cuba, Cuba waiver. They were something else at another part of Brazil has never really been determined. But the the health authorities that I thought that the witnesses where either hallucinating. Or that they were. Part of some sort of an urban legend that the the people there the locals had developed over the course of, you know, several months or several years until they started coming into the hospital and into the clinics to be treated, and again, these are burns were found on their body. Their hair had been singed some of the hair on their head had been burned off and most of them have these a circular they look almost like pinpricks on their arms or on their neck. Which certainly would classify it as a. Empire of of some sort. L let your would since you've been doing this. There's another contributor Scott Corrales who has been investigating as well. And does he echo what you've been finding? Now. His main research hasn't been into the macabre. Which of course, now, Scott is a in fact, he has a whole section in the the book a diary for why think five or six years, he collected all the reports from all the from South America from Mexico from Puerto Rico where these creatures were being seen on a regular basis. And of course, most people thought well macabre was maybe some wild animal of some sort and people were making up most of the the things that was supposedly happening to them into their livestock. But no, the the blood of the chickens and the goats and our work apparently being siphoned off. And and the strange thing was is that whatever these preachers are they would seem to be taking more blood than was necessary. If they were using it, you know, he's an infusion of their own body because of the weight of the the blood. It's almost as if they were collecting for someone or some other species. And these are the sightings of the tuba carbon went on for years. And there were some course. Yeah. I think disgusted on the on the show that we're seeing in. Oh, I think Texas, and maybe Colorado, but they were determined to to be a. Dogs with a main disease or something along that line. But there were many many dozens of these authentic tuba commie that we're being seen and encountered, and and the frightening people and even attacking some individuals. We have a number of cases of the book where these things we've seen that leaping over fences and climbing onto people's Aboul kitties and the animals were you know, a drain the blood. Now, if carcass, I if an animal is the mutilated, you would expect to find actual blood on the on the ground surrounding the animal, but these these authentic cases, not only the macabre, but of the blood draining UFO's, they drain the blood, and there's no residue laugh it if the creature has been totally drained, and of course, there's never any outside of maybe some quote marks from the case. That Kabre there's never any markings in the case of the animal mutilations, you know, there's no truck marks. There's no footprints in the in the soil, but often these events, of course, are associated with UFO assiting Timpson she'd been doing this, and how many years have you been at this specific topic? Oh, you know, I have fifty filed drawers full of data most of which was sent to me over a period of many many years. And you know, I collect this stuff when I file it away. And then when I have enough material or I come up with a particular theme. Then I go back, and I put I organize a all the the notes and the reports and all and put it, you know, together. So people think oh, you know, you you put out three different books a month. You can write that quickly. Well, no, quite the the the case. It's just that the material is is there, and I I'm very lucky to have like Scott corral and showing Casteel. And Tim Schwartz has been on the the program who assist me in this research because they. They have their own files as well. In fact, there's a researcher that I kind of just hooked up with in England by the name of Nigel Watson, and he has written a number of books on. UFO's in World War One the full fighters and some hostility events, and he's contributed to this trilogy of terror serious that we've done, and he has a come up with a theory that Dracula may have actually been a an alien from outer space. Really, that's interesting sounds absolutely is sensational Listrik, of course. But. On the coast to the website..

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