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Year. Adam Kaufman, WBC Boston's news right here, and just getting behind the wheel, and I'm already late this morning, we checked the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Laurie Grandi, what's going on? Yes, one of those days that you may not think that it is slick out there, but it is okay. Just trust me. A car just went off the road and Attleboro 95 north on my route 1 23, possibly on the exit ramp there. 21 23 So watch out for that. We have a situation where we have very light precipitation coming down and low temperatures, which is really bad nor thought Expressway continues to be tough new pontiff Circle to Southampton Street, but it's not completely stopped up. Just judges. Lots of folks. Neighbors. Friends out there with you heading in towards the O'Neill Tunnel. Let's check out the upper end of 1 28. Now Krista Neck is in the WBC news radio traffic copter. Don't worry. We found out we found one new thing to look out for up here in Lynnfield at once. What he ate south down. State Police are off of the vehicle in the breakdown lane itself out before Walnut Street Lindfield. I'm not sure as to whether they're broken down or whether they were misbehaving. But regardless of the case, stay to the left to get by the volumes on the lighter side, so there are no big backups getting by it at the moment, we'll see if that lasts. Kristen acting the WBC news radio traffic copter. Alright, thanks Kristen Tobin Bridge is still looking good, but that Lever connector not so much. It's very heavy, especially that far left hand line getting onto store or Dr Laurie granted only busiest traffic on the three window world of Boston is the choice to make to save on energy bills every season. So beautify your home with award winning windows, doors, siding and roofing,.

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