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When you get somebody like this. Who's like a point center of in the the guy compared to a little as the guy we had kyle anderson but much of ours lead way way more athletic version of that right. He's he's re regular slow. I think of oklahoma city. It had the third pick. This is who they would have taken. I think that they are really upset that they sled to six. Because i'm not. Barnes may be there but i think a lot more teams are thinking. You and i are thinking right now about barnes. You know that we talked about the five and and he wasn't in that now. I think it's the six or maybe coming has fallen out of out of the five a little bit depending on who you talk to. It's an interesting fit in cleveland. I like it there. I think jane greens a real possibility there. That's that's what i have on my mock right now. I do think scottie. Barnes is in the mix there the one interesting thing if it's green. I'm not sure there's enough basketball court. Colin sexton and jalen green. But i could see the cavs deciding to move on from colin sex and he had a great year for them. he doesn't have the upside of jalen green. And maybe putting garland and together in the backward is better overall fit and you get something else. for sex dinner maybe it's its packaging sex thinner or core or somewhere else to move up to one. I also think cutting how would be a nice fit in cleveland as well you perked their and so there's some motivation i think from cleveland. If they want to move up. I know talked about them. Trading out of the draft. But they're high enough up now in the draft that i to me. I don't think they're ready to just add a veteran or two. And then say okay. They're five hundred team if they did that. All in for playing yeah. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I think you tried to get an elite talent here. Because i don. I don't think that elite talent that's on your roster right now aright. Toronto raptors moved up three spots in the draft to four. Let's let's i'll give you either. I'm assuming scotty barnes would be your guy than if he was still there at four and he was still there. Yeah absolutely and he said i player all the way and i think that that's part of it but assuming he's not there then then who do you take it for. Do you go ahead and go jalen and sort of project out that kyle. Lowry may not be there anymore. Do you go jalen green. Who do you like it for the boss to take my guy at four. Who's your guy messiahs if you wanna talk about who has the malls messiah. I mean if they do. It's beside right i he. Once he signs his next contract he's going to be like president for life there right so You know. I think he has to worry about I'll get fired if this goes wrong. So the director's duty center ob i. I am much higher on this guy than the consensus but he destroyed a good league as an eighteen year old. And i think there's a lot to light when you said your guy thought you're gonna say trade for trade trade this pick for paul read. That's what i thought. I thought you were going with that. Maybe like paul. Reid and dillon brooks for the number four pick a. Let's i don't think you do that for just the fourth nick. Sit goon i. I'm still on the fence. john. I understand why the numbers suggest that there's no way this guy or there's very little chance. The sky fails in the nba. Given what he's dying. He's the turkish league. Mvp at eighteen. But there's a ton of projection going on with the sky based off the way he played in turkey and how he probably needs to play to excel and be of a top four pick is that is that you're just projecting that it's going to happen. That is going to be able to stretch the floor. That he's going to be athletic enough to guard guys out on the perimeter that it could be a little bit more of a playmaker than we saw You know in turkey is that is that just what. You're projecting out with him. So i think he shot is totally fine. Just hasn't been asked as you breeze. I think he i to me. His playmaking is pretty good. Actually like i think he can handle a pass much better than most fix. The defense of question is definitely a question and so the thing i sort of asked myself is like to be here reminds me some of kevin love i guess and you know can somebody can somebody like that succeed in today's nba and if so how Because he's a little bit between four and five is not a rim protector is feed on the perimeter. So i think all those questions about his defensive that are legitimate but again he's eighteen right like he's the this isn't a finished product either. It's a pretty high compliment when you have seen goon going ahead of jalen green now and jalen jalen and jonathan coming interesting. I'm not i. I've come around on him. I haven't come around that much yet. So that'll snow on an island. Dare i hadn't taken. Scotty barnes for i've had a lot of rappers fans say that doesn't make sense whereas gonna play we have. Oh gee we have a what is going to play. And i'm like you know. Look i believe. Scotty barnes could be your point guard next year and put him in the back. Port backcourt with fred vanvleet. And he makes he makes up for lots of this. Is there and if you're asking me right now. Who rather have playing point. Guard scottie. barnes or jalen suggs. Who i think is a lot of raptors fans. Think is the obvious selection. There and i liked jalen. I actually like him more than you do. I still take scotty barnes. Yeah all right. So that's that's the rationale gotti barnes. Look when we come back. We're gonna talk about some of the other lottery. Picks we'll talk about orlando..

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