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A lot of business. Where the hell do i start. I have all these things in my head. How do i teach other people to do them. I can't do one on ones for everyone. Well you know. The journey of a thousand steps begins with the first step and the point. Is that what you have to do. First is start documenting and whether it's video and for us when we first started it was everything that i would do for running a facebook ad campaign in this this case going back to two thousand thirteen fourteen fifteen i would just document it in either. Pdf word document now. Google drive google docs and just each individual time that i would do that task. Go back to that list and refine it and make it better so these were repeatable things like how to set up a campaign. I would just documented just writing it in as i actually did it step by step by step then. We started doing videos. Just like what. You're saying really smart by a pro tip obviously is doing a video. And having your writing teen transcribe it with screenshots. That kind of thing. What i really realized is that If i was doing it all i was limiting myself and limiting our ability to be able to scale and grow so as i started hire more people i would have them create us processes do videos on their own to do the writing on the road. So everyone who came in. What part of their overall goal as an employee of chair eleven was processes creation of processes creation of systems and refining. Them and making sure that they're updated so that the jobs that they're doing today by the next person that maybe you know in the case of a media buyer the heaven ads manager or maybe sort of an intern. That's working with them. That's doing the tasks that they used to do. So it's a never ending process of improvement but it's also something that you can just start doing today with. The first step is just simple documentation words video whether it's writing it down whether it's writing it down on a sheet and then transposing later on having your va it. The point is that's how you get it done and that's how you take that first step when you said some..

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