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One zero six nine and AM seven forty KCBS. KCBS news time four twenty area women's Fitbit device led investigators to arrest her ninety year old step mother father for her death. Officials say Tony was arrested on suspicion of murdering 67-year-old Karen Navarra earlier this month, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Nevada's Fitbit recorded a rapid rise in her heart rate before a sudden drop off zero helping San Jose police piece together clues to her death newspaper reports that an autopsy found multiple deep in intrusive wounds to her head and facial area likely inflicted by a small hatchet or acts. Police say nearby cameras captured the suspect's car at Navarre's home at the same time her fitbit's showed her heartbeat rapidly. Falling report finds it rent increases are slowing down nationally for the first time since the great recession. KCBS Matt Bigler found out many bay area. Residents say that they'll believe it when they see it. The report from Zillow finds that the median rent across the US remained unchanged from a year ago. The main reason is more housing is finally coming online. I think seen physically all the construction people are very hopeful. With Lauren laundry says the lease for her rent controlled apartment on Treasure Island is still going up and the newest housing here isn't cheap. I have a few friends friends that just moved into the new buildings that they've been doing towards like the hundred point area, and they're still came wait a minute. It's still really difficult for folks Rhett Lambert originally from SF says hi housing, drove him out of state to Grand Rapids. Michigan lower entry point as far as investing in state. Rents are so relatively high. So it's actually just named the number one housing housing market by USA today. So it's exciting time to be there. Yes. The latest bay.

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