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Charged as much as $5 for some items rival Dollar General does the same so it's kind of an end of an era coming though And we should note as well Dollar Tree adding more than a $1 billion to a stock buyback program is now up to two and a half billion Some analysts calls them note Boeing's up 3% The plane maker was raised the equivalent of 5 from old Stanford Bernstein based on a potential travel weed down We should note too that the head of Boeing's China unit told Reuters a 7 37 max test in the country quote went off without a hitch End quote last month Now China's grounded the place is 2019 after two fatal crashes Eli Lilly's up 2% The drug maker was raised to buy from neutral at Citigroup The firm side of brighter outlook for an Alzheimer's treatment along with a recent drop in the share price lily has been down as much as 19% in the past 6 weeks HP though down 2% the computer and printer maker was cut to neutral from the equivalent of buy at JPMorgan Lucid group up 7% The electric car company said it began producing its first model and will begin deliveries at the end of October This is the high end car Limited run dream edition of the air sedan the one that just was rated for 520 miles to a charge probably Google this now And it costs a $169,000 There you go A firm holdings up four and a half percent The buy now pay later service plans to let customers buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from savings accounts with the company a firm also said it's rolling out a debit card So definitely going head to head more with all kinds of finance apps So far certainly part of that that stock's down four and a half percent after the company arranged to sell summer and $50 million of convertible notes privately EQT's off 6 and a half percent The energy producer is selling about 26 million shares on behalf of stockholders to receive them in a July Takeover of the cell represents about a 7% stake And we have had a couple of companies out with earnings today Business uniform suppliers sent us is one of them it's up about a quarter of a percent And the other is the electronics assembler jable It's down 2% Revenue for the fiscal fourth quarter was lower than estimates David Wilson thank you so much Final day third quarter tomorrow will in training for instance training for.

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