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Really oh people most of the people that were there were in their late eighties and early nineties my wife soon checking pulses all weekend they are great they're out they want to go out and in the the flowers and pick flowers and go pick flowers pick hours as a matter of fact when my mother in law who is eighty eight or something like that came in with a flower i said you know mary helen you've probably broken the law by picking a wildflower that's i believe that's against the law and she went well this is this is private property and the flowers rolling worried for second but anyway that's scaring old people they were delightful and foreign who is ninety two or just about the and fluorine she's the sophisticated one she's she these women are oh you can tell these women are all from hurricane utah that's where they were born and fluorine got the hell out as quick as she could and lived in washington dc oliver life and she's the only fluorine and olive washington probably she's the one who drinks wine the rest of them ono so anyway let's get the show started we'll take your check ins if you wanna do it at eight seven seven six two nine six nine six i had weird dreams last night do creams that didn't make.

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