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Fires the puck not out, and Alex cleared by Sander's. Steam penalties issue for the blues Joa game one they took five. I thought that they took it gave what Kenny were preventable that one was not wily evident where the puck back down. So it's way for goaltender interference at three fifty five way took one of the five. Penalties in game one. Here come the Bruins trickle shop by Marceca's was blocked and quiz clears after the block by Ivan harvest ship market shatter marva, chef had a strip crew quickly head for posture knock down the light side. Boston cuts to his left. Lied to brush, the brush, in front. Charlie Moyle on the power play. Pruitt's lead. What nothing? Kennedy. Stay here was bait by Saint Louis. The neutrals all the had a chance to get the puck all the way down the ice. They did Barbara ships struggle with it and sewed it Sundquist. They did clear it all the way down. Boston gets patrol. They throw a long pass to the right hand boards at the blue line were pasta knock was able to carry it get it in the zone. Wait for help the beautiful passing. He goes all the way across to the left ports. They'll find it open right at the slot. Then the quick pass from the slot to the middle Charlie Coyle wasted. No time as he took a beautiful pass up depressed. And a power play goal. Make one nothing go to Charlie Coyle, Derby's playoffs for his hometown, grow late acquire just prior to the trade deadline from the vendor sort of wild. His seventh goal of the postseason Bruin strike first on the power play. For more Nordstrom shot from the left circle kicked out by Bennie Norstrom centers. Got a piece of data. Flex back from the Bruin line ruin score. Their first official shot on goal. Dow shed back the other way. Here's shot for short to job that miss that high out for the right point four portrayal move back around to Baru, fair side for Schwartz that out to Joel Benton. He risked wide, or on the puck his shot proposed ratings per decide by rasp Bruins clear the puck down, though, icing Edmonton is back on it for Saint Louis. Charlie Coyle has given the Pru into one big league. Here's fowleri down the left wing Nabri held up by clipping, the puck along Caboche hip behind the net for maroon balloon or shot proposed back out to the right point porches with it nearside forgotten what for the redirect dot connect with Peru down room and behind the Boston goal Fabri over to help route up the boards to choose. Oh, he lost the puck and carried out by danton Heinen, ninety for the Saint Louis line pass on the right side for Johann shock for the torch side, maroon audit four Saint Louis across down for Johnson. Those it into the Bruin Joan. Both teams may king, like knockout, the puck for the Bruins across the Clinton and return Brunswick, candling up the middle office of ninety six and a half. God, I period kill the Stanley Cup final Bruins lead one nothing on a power play goal scored by Charlie Coyle. From the Russ and pasta, four forty four into this game. Here's play down the left side carries in behind and at Santa to the high slot off the stick O'Reilly now. The blues Basri crew. John three to Saint Louis. Bruin scored on their first. Through the neutral zone back can't in the plex off Peron. The blues are off sides, seven minutes gone..

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