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Going to have a big career and just in workout. What was the kicker moment. when were you yes. Listen when i was watching the oceans movies. I was just really like really like guys like i'm number one in the queue. Want scott caan. Do you want to join me or not. And then it. Just i think he got a hawaii five o and then i realized that he's a short guy and it just didn't it didn't translate great but the town out there And the other one. I don't regret it just it. Didn't happen is still for grace. I had all the for grace scott stock in the world and it just never panned out. Commoners mentioned there like patiently. Waiting for the topher grace's fons his name's. Christopher any chose tougher to go by. This incredible is incredible. Not incredible actually. It's the worst toy them all those letters. I don't know how it didn't go what What other ones do you have. Say one and this was because i was really early on on the justin timberlake so long before he became like mickey mouse club. Mike i'm into this guy. Get ryan gosling checking out the kids Oh my gosh it was a. It's actually still a problem to this day. i'm not. I'm not gonna lie. But i try to always remember there ever eighteen. I'm to bet whatever. So he was in the mickey mouse club and then in seeing like of course he was a big star but i rooted for him the whole time. You britney great. Does she break your heart. Goodbye cameron diaz. Let's go we needed. Justified look do you get that album name. His name and healings. The here's the problem. He took that break and he was like comedy and actor and i was like. I'm gonna go to all these movies. Bad teacher shirt friends with benefits in time with amanda ciphered. Maybe one of the worst movies of all time. And i was in the theater watching it because i was these older. But he was and then he brought it back to me right. He gave me twenty twenty experience of. Oh gosh suit and tie yes. We're back and then he rededicated his life. He went forward on a sunday to the altar. Rededicated his life to becoming a feature film actor And then he when he finally figured out. Nobody wants me. He came back and made that dumb man of the woods album. And i just couldn't spin it anymore. And now we learned he's problematic on many levels and just as notes apologies for a number of things that he's done to his wife and two us and so i cannot hold the season pass any longer if you have multiple knows policies in your repertoire. Like you've you've gone awry. So that's that's not good. I will i will say The you put up his performance and alpha dog his performance and Inside llewellyn davis and his performance in Trying to think of another movie he's gonna in in social network in that's basically like John khazal al pacino meryl streep it's just the the shoulders the titans jamie shaft social network like. Oh yes and he has a very small thing in desert. Well yeah you're giving me alpha alpha dog. it's great ben foster's a revelation that one emile hirsch what a revelation next to oscar isaac and inside. Louis davis really who was great in that. Yeah he's in it for about thirty seconds but he's really good. He's like a sweater douchebag so if the shoe fits i have Somebody next categories Season passes relegated out of problematic. Nece you know kind of drafting off. While you're talking about and i i've had connie he was a season pass. Anything you would do. I would listen to. I'm just letting him get right. You know get his head okay. And maybe we'll talk about later and then obviously the won't have to talk about. But i just need to mention charlotte buff. You know he Wasn't great even. I'm if you've been around long enough. This has happened in real time. We even hundred redesign our office because of that. But you know this is what you gotta do with season passes. You gotta have Integrity integrity is what you do with the lights off. And what do you do that shine. If people want to think there that it's in there somewhere else when my last one is lindsay. Lo han look parent trap a revelation. A- ginger i'd like i've hated genders in my whole life if you're listening area gender. You're dead inside. Is i thought it's genetics. I can help you you. You're sensitive to cold and pain. I can't help you. But i just didn't think i could love her and i loved her to me she could do. Not but then. Here's the thing i lived through. If you're like a certain age you know what it was like to live through the tmz years. I've her fighting every other starlet in the world and her bmi. I can take your man. And i did not. I could but i'm not gonna you know. I like anybody that any like paris hilton. Like just the the horror of i am. I shop with all the stuff i shoplifted all of it like. It's fine and just the number of times that she had to appear in court like one time you could be like well like one underwriter. Her parents were problematic in many ways and they were abusive. And you just go. She had something she wasn't dealing with and she was being a child. Actor had never been allowed to do anything with a low hanging on she those same issues. But it's like this is the night time we've been in court like it does not feel like you are wanting to reverse this situation. Yeah i think would. Snl does intervention That's that's a lot that stuff's going. can i ask. You was the deer for you. When she wrote down a list of all the guys she hooked up with In crayon and left it in a bar for the tablets safari listen. That actually might have been the time that i checked my wallet to see if i had some cash to buy more 'cause like that i was like oh. That was good. I liked it when everyone else zags. That's a good reading of the market. I like it My last category is Inactivity people who just had to relegate because like you're not scheduling games can. There's nothing for me to watch. And for that i choose glenn pow so temporarily this year's going to be we're going to be back someone to by next year but just didn't come out anything because the code Adam brody in there. I am because after the. Ceo's little light it was a little little light. Yeah it was Wasn't ended two years ago. No you know. He's he's dabbled. He's done some things he's created some art he self art. You know just like gotten down like in that aspect and arenas and the last one finished verb they just. I really love them that they didn't do anything else. You know and i had to leave them where they were. They did come out with the movie last year. that was more candice centric than our would've liked but i did. We did watch. Everything is coming back like more permanently. We're getting the backyard again. We're all seeing that song. I'm so maybe this will come back around with verb finish ross and equipped right. Sorry about patriot community for like me. You're overwhelmed and trying to discover new. Podcast then just give in gaza normalized quitting especially your favorite podcasts has more content just waiting for you and oxygen concentrator patron. Here's just an example of what's waiting for you behind the pearly gates overpaid community. We're finishing up recapping. Those recent seasons the bachelorette and while we don't know what happens. I can promise you it's gonna be really messy. We have weekly monday night. The more you know episodes where he breakdown pop culture current events and we also have a ways. Where jamie and myself answer your questions over cocktails usually end up drinking whiskey straight from the bottle Jamie takes her timing. Melatonin and aaron is always startled by the cleaning lady. Make sure you don't miss that. It's literally my favorite thing to watch it again. You can go try to find another murder show or you can listen to another interview about someone's new book coming out soon or you. Just go to the looking class with us to podcast mediocre. We will definitely now make you smarter. But you will have a very good time.

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