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Today's legend earned the nickname. Hell cat during her time. In the White House her famous temper and expensive taste made her an outsider in Washington. Despite her turbulent experience she remained steadfastly loyal her husband and to his ultimate political triumphs. Let's talk about Mary Todd. Lincoln Mary Ann. Todd was born in Lexington Kentucky in Eighteen. Eighteen to a wealthy slaveholding family. Her Parents Robert Smith Todd. A banker and Elizabeth Parker ultimately had seven children. Mary was the fourth when Mary was six. Her mother died in childbirth. Her father soon remarried but Mary and her stepmother struggled to get along because of that tense relationship. Mary spent much of her youth at Madame Intel's finishing school where she started a number of theater productions by the age of twenty she was fluid and French and was regarded as witty and Gregarious. Like the rest of her family. Mary was a whig beginning in the late eighteen thirties. The WHIG party was one of two major American political parties alongside the Democrats. They believed in maintaining social order protection of property and the importance of preserving a distinct cultural heritage eighteen thirty nine. Mary moved to Springfield Illinois to live with her sister Elizabeth. Mary was popular among Springfield delete. Despite having several suitors she ultimately chose Abraham Lincoln a promising lawyer and fellow whig the two married on November fourth eighteen forty two. The two went on to have four children and eighteen fifty. Mary and a second son. Eddie died at the age of four from tuberculosis..

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