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A podium within twenty four hours Markle be a genius and go out on a warm radio program nobody is off limits because he is looking out for you mark Levin on K. and S. T. E. A. M. seven ninety two sons most stimulating talk yeah the judge in Washington the Obama hack I said with all due respect is Amy Berman Jackson so while they're emptying prisons and jails all over the country she wants to put Roger stone in jail and I notice they haven't released Manafort I'm starting to think these are political prisoners I think Manafort's a political prisoner I think they'd like to make Mike Flynn a political prisoner they wanna make Roger stone who I can't stand personally but that's beside the point things he's said and done about me but that's that's not relevant to the law they wanna make him a political prisoner it's outrageous and the judging charges at least some of this is this that Obama hack Amy Berman Jackson and she doesn't under the cover of the virus I want to say something to you they're individuals in politics and broadcasting TV radio who want to take credit for helping open this economy I think I've spent a lot of time pressing this but it's not them it's not me it's you you you had enough and that's why the media and the Democrats in the others hi trying to keep it down that's why the attack you attack me attack other conservatives we want our liberty back people are willing to sacrifice but they're not willing to destroy themselves and destroy the country we are patriots it is you not any politician not any TV personality not any radio personnel it is you who is doing this you're making your feelings known all over the country and when you protest when you protest they call you all kinds of names when they protest and they beat the hell out of people that apparently is okay peaceful protest is as American as apple pie so you continue your peaceful peaceful civil protest if this is what you want to do you what D. state governments the now do you want your country back you want your state's back there's absolutely nothing wrong with that nothing nothing American as it gets peaceful peaceful nonviolent protest you don't need approval by media start media hacks or anybody else or anybody else you have a constitutional right a federal constitutional right a federal constitutional right you know it's a different world right now we don't need to be overwhelmed we have to work to keep our loved one safer.

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