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Good, said his 2 95 70 and 73 or quiet mouse transit is running on or close to schedule. I'm peeing Arado indicate what w 24 hour traffic center Thanks for that. Pete Now the NBC 11th alert forecast. Going to become tonight. Rain free going down. The 72 with some clouds right now in center city is 77. 75 degrees in Judea in a park, 77 Winona and at the Acme Empoli, sponsored by Acme Download the Acme Up to save The huggers among us are feeling mighty blue these days because we're being told to keep people at a distance. Will correspondent Steve K. Thin has some welcome news when we hug people, both people in that exchange release oxytocin. UC Berkeley's Emiliano Simon Thomas says the hormone produces pleasure and relieves stress. Oxytocin is a really important part of our collective. Demeanor as as a species. But during a pandemic when you cannot hug take on some compensatory behaviors like making eye contact more deliberately. Then remember, we can imagine. The times that we have been touching people who we trust and care about and she says, Don't be afraid to wrap your arms around yourself. Steve Caven, CBS News or your Pet. That could be the sound your cat is making right now. In celebration of International Cat Day, That means all over the world. Lovers of furry felines are sharing their love for cats and hopefully giving them treats. So this is.

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