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Performing much because you know when I came back out in two thousand thirteen. Okay. Well, how do I fit in? And do what? I thought Vegas expected of me. And I. Don't really do that. You know I just that's not what I. Do, and so the as I said, there aren't many places for people that aren't don't fit into that certain. It show when this happened it was like. Wow. This is the perfect spot for me to do what I do and to give the people who. Want to do something different than what they're doing to come in and explore and do different material that they don't get a chance to do. Your Normal Vegas showroom whatever and the audience is really responding to that because when I did my shows. There was not a sound in the audience. Money is just listening watching intense. It is and that's true. All the performances here the way it's set up way format with I've seen sky in here twice for example. Yeah. And when she pauses, she's telling her stories. It's like this place is really in it. Yeah. It's really interesting that way it's not like like notes local pretty much. Family we love that because they're hungry, they WANNA get out because we've all been sequestered for. So long they WANNA get out they WANNA THEY WANNA eat they wanNA feel like they're a part of humanity. Commiserate I can feel that all the way I see people in here that I've seen in months in this room. You played billy. Flynn. More than anybody. Right do. In Chicago. You had randy in here Randall Keith through dude on John. John. For he holds the record for the John Travis Most Frankie Valli. Crazy and we all live here all in Las Vegas. They've all played here l. done the room. So we're talking about trying to get making that same night. Weekend but that just speaks to how much. A buyer's market. I guess it is for talent in Las Vegas, when you had those guys who live here with those kind of experience they said we are so. We're so fortunate at this time because of the situation this out there you know people just WanNa get out they want to perform and. And and. Only selling thirty dinners a night you know we we can't. Who have to be careful what we can actually what we can actually offer people but we've come to something that it's like everybody's happy with that and I'm grateful that they're willing to come and play with us here because we try and take care of you know take great care of them. I mean these are these are people who professional entertainers on your offering With Tom David they you know they're they're New Yorkers and they had. Tom. Worked for Nickelodeon that he worked for the Metropolitan Opera and he you know so there and then they had a catering. Hudson Valley in new. York. So we come from we all come from performing back. A theatrical background and David was also doing a song writer in New York, before he became a chef then. Yeah, and so Because I think we really respect the talent on stage. You know we're not a big corporate entity here and Because I I've just heard stories that. Performers who deal with corporate. It's it's you don't even see the people who are. Through and so we try we try corporate and so we try and. Make it as personal and as. Fulfilling. As we can. Right. Is it possible talk about being about fulfilling? Is it it? Fulfilling to be in this environment as it is for you to be on tour as Billy Flynn or In Phantom or any of the shows you've done do you feel that this is as much? The sketch, your passion passion like those projects do. Yeah. It's. It's apples and oranges. When you're in a big two thousand seat House doing a show you are. Doing that character. In here. Just yourself. You're telling your stories you're telling your personal stories. You're. You know you're you're you're really are engaging with the audience which you don't get to do when you're doing show. Yeah. So it's it's a totally different. Reward but. I as I said, I don't mind bussing tables. In phantoms I mean people who didn't see Phantom here I'm watching I've seen you do that and. Really literally running all over the theater and throwing it at belting it, and then to come in here and see this room listening room and I'm just wondering how you feel as a performer. When you get on stage here, having ridden a chandelier and toured the, you know internationally to start singing to a group of thirty people. What's what's more nerve racking for you? Probably this Right. Yeah. Because it's raw, it's bear you don't have. There's no orchestra behind. There's no, costume there's no, mass. into. Different now so now Yeah. I mean, this is actually A little more. Nerve wracking because you don't have anything to hide behind now. I've I've heard people. Other people say that about this type of environment for deer. Composer showcase. Also another one where you you know Keith Thompson founded that and we were actually at the first one. Bathroom. Suede. Suede aid slater restaurants. But anyway, you know you feel that they've said they get on stage in it's like there is really nowhere to hide. No, you're either there you're not. And the audience love that. And they love it when you mess up. It's a live performance and and you know things go wrong every night. So it's like one night. I'm notorious were going up with lyrics so. Alpha get. Forget, these lurks, and then the next night I got those few and then I forget those that are happening here. Of course and everybody brings they're accepting everybody in the room so far has kicked a lyric. Helga said, he dropped lyric in his own song well, I wrote it. So you don't notice if I. If I messed up the lyrics. Nobody's heard the song before. The. Used to be frowned upon when when singers eight with bring lyrics. Elvis. And Sinatra were like mock when they forgot. Lurch Elvis would hold the. Sheet of his own lyrics now it's accepted. Chain well, I don't know when that changed because in Europe they do it all the time well Europe, a lot of times they'll just be singing the track so they're actually not even singing. But. That's that I remember. I. Out Never I was at a well there with tracks and she had a Chichi was. Auto tuned there. There is something wrong with that. But I remember I saw somebody Carnegie Hall I'm not GonNa name who it was, but she's also here at the Smith Center. At Carnegie Hall. She had lyric sheets all across the front of the stage going. Ernie Hall Wow. Anyway. Alcohol. Because I even think if you if taking a ticketed show at a place like a cabaret jazz. No the lyrics I've always felt that way but but even that's Well it's broken. You know I'm. Jason Allen was here on Sunday and he puts together the Monday star. Yes and. And he said, so have.

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