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They have finally come to Charlotte well and won this race in the world from home yeah you need to win this is a big deal what a great story not all some of it matter of fact there was a great two or three stories from Kyle petty and wow you know the wood brothers they always do it big I met with them after they won the race at Bristol with Elliott Sadler and we we gorged out at a golden corral so waffle house single the crowd never let it let people tell you the wood brothers they get a bug above their raise no they don't they don't remember their route they remember their roots that's that's for sure we appreciate Kyle petty story Tom the which filters pre race show rolls on time now for the Reilly auto parts media buzz brought to you by Reilly auto parts of an event this one of the six hundred used to be the ultimate test of man and machine but has some of the intimidation factor going away from this race certainly in terms of the nutrition factor right I mean it's not just the best equipment that survive anymore because everyone got the best equipment at least the top twenty eight ourselves that factors out of it but I think the more that we see that the conditions change throughout the night it will be up to these cruise ships to keep up with the adjustments and I think maybe that's where the the the X. factor comes in because the track will change and is you know you don't have to worry about your equipment making it to the end but you have to worry about keeping your car the best until the end and that'll change over the course of the night so that factor still is there in terms of that extra hundred miles and I think we will start seeing is that the lack of practice when we do have qualified for the fix on it but we don't have any practice so that I think that will separate some of the teams not having some of the practice the opportunity to try things and just attempt to to know how their car my dear actually act over the course of six hundred miles without practice I think that's a big factor Randall of racer dot com after what we saw in Darlington of all the questions about the fitness of Ryan Newman about kids have been answered I think so I think definitely a stop and asking those questions about Ryan Newman because first off he squeezes Brad Keselowski I think it was often turn for a one point you know because he's he comes off the racetrack and takes the spot doesn't even think.

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