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Guide for articles, tips and tools. When you need your mortgage to fit your family and budget, Rocky can rocket mortgage. I'm Paul Bodine lost. We're trapped. Go on the fives. Follow us on Twitter. W obviously traffic Randy Hollis Wish TV meteorologist. What's going on? Yeah. Hey there, Tony. Really a great start here on the Thursday morning, boy, that orange glow on the eastern horizon with sun coming up, But not going to see much of the sun Today is gonna be cloudy, windy rain comes in. They're speeding up. The arrival may get started here right around noontime or so And it could be a little bit of snow or sleet mixed in Especially from nd Northward, High temperature 38 Tonight breezy Turning colder Rain should end his snow showers later this evening. Any accumulation underneath low temps right around 20 Partly sunny, breezy cold Tomorrow high upon 28 degrees and the weekend Saturday Snow showers likely Saturday afternoon Saturday night could get maybe a couple of inches of snow high temps for 25. Sunday. Colder chance of flurries in Sunday side 17 the bitter cold air not gonna be as bitter as what we earlier thought. But still, I think by a Sunday and Monday morning temperatures down to the single digit rating for the wind shells down below zero. So we've got the windshields that will still put us into the below zero area. But we're not talking about the 20 blows and 30 blows anymore. Yeah, I don't think so. With each computer run, they keep taking a core that really cold air, a part of the north crossing of the Plains. Great legs. So when she'll still make it down around 10 15 below zero or so, but, boy, the other the extremes, you know, 30 35 below. I think I think that's in a state north of us here. That right? There is Randy Alice. Of which TV Randy. Thank you. 27 degrees in the American Standard Heating Weather center. The time is 807 this hour on 93. W. B. C is powered by the home loan expert dot com. Please. State House keeps on moving down the line. Getting work done new bits of information coming out new legislation being proposed. Where are we with all of it? Tony Katz 93. W I. B C Good morning. Eric Burman, chief political correspondent here in.

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