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KOMO Seattle KOMO FM Oakville. The Northwest's only twenty four hour. News station drumming up after ABC news. A Seattle man charged with a hate crime in Los Angeles. I'm Charlie harder with the story all that. And a whole lot more including what the huskie men's basketball team. Did it's coming up with. From ABC news. I'm Richard Cantu. President Trump took to Twitter to lambast General Motors day after the automaker announced massive layoffs closings of five North American assembly plants in a tweet the president says he's disappointed in GM's decision to close plants in Ohio. Michigan in Maryland, saying the US save General Motors, and quote, this is the thanks. We get Trump and said his administration is looking into cutting federal subsidies for the company that however would likely require an act of congress the plant in Lordstown Ohio is one of the chopping block. Dave green is president of the United Auto Workers local and wants to know about the president's campaign promises to save US manufacturing. I have a member who. Has been pretty adamant about that that he he voted for President Trump, and this and now feels like, you know, those promises were made in those promises were broken Republicans. Cindy, Hyde Smith will stay is Mississippi's. Second Republican Senator in a racially charged runoff election, Hyde Smith bested Mike Espy, then President Clinton's first agriculture secretary. The US continues to lose young people in Afghanistan and the deadliest attack this year. Three US personnel were killed when a roadside bomb. Blast hit their armored vehicle. ABC's Ian panel who's covered the eighteen year war says things are not going as well as often portrayed. Every time you go there, you hear the pulse to tone from the military that they all making progress that things are turning that training more troops. Things are going in the right direction but repeatedly the evidence on the ground flies in the face of that. It has delighted kids and adults of all ages..

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