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Welcome back everybody to the incomparable i'm your host jason snell and in this episode we're starting something that is not a superhero tournament i just wanna make perfectly clear oh man is not a superhero tournament but we are going to do something special for the summer we're realized not too long ago that first off as you may know marvel movies are popular you may also know i mean literally they are the only movies allowed to be made anymore and even though the incomparable has covered many marvel movies there are also many we have not covered because we don't always do the immediate aftermath you know episode right after it after it comes out in the theaters and sometimes we we miss him and we've missed a lot and so we're gonna start at the beginning and we're going to do what i'm calling the summer of marvel that's right we're in the summer of marvel now as of this episode where we're going to talk about iron man that is a film that began the marvel cinematic universe in two thousand ten and or into eight before there was an incomparable podcast so of course we didn't cover it and two thousand ten ironman too which was also released before the incomparable existed so we we have excuses for these two why weren't we doing episode negative twenty well i don't know we lack of foresight i guess is the only answer there anyway we're gonna make up for tonight we're going to talk about ironman and ironman too and joining me to talk about these movies and kick off the summer of marvel are these following wonderful people dan moore in his here hi dan yeah i can fly chips.

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