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We only have seven year memories. The bad news is the last recession happened 10 years ago. What happens when the next recession comes? The Federal Reserve is manipulated rates so low they'll now have to print tens of trillions of dollars. As they print more money. The dollar will devalue and Gold will soar. My name's Adam burrata on the co owner of Advantage Gold. The highest rated firm in the country and the author of the National Bestselling Book, Gold is a Better Way. My book explains why gold is going to $5000 over the next few years. And if you have an IRA or four Oh one k with over $100,000. I want to send you a copy of my national best seller for free text the words bestseller 249776. That's best seller 249776 to claim your free book. Now that's the word bestseller. 249776 dot Don't be a victim in the next recession. That's the word bestseller 249738 60. Am the answer yet extremely no on our app and the Odyssey app. Welcome back America to you. It thank you for listening to program today. It's Election Day in California Recall is underway. Get out and vote. Voting starts at six AM So if you're on your way to work and California early at 4 22 in the morning 5 22 in the morning 6 22 in the morning, 7 22 in the morning 8 22 in the morning. Whatever you hear those Get in your car and had to vote for Larry Elder Vote Yes, on question. One. Get rid of Gavin Newsom. They say the polls favored Gavin Newsom. But there's actually no way to pull this. There is no way to pull an election for which there is no product. And if every Democrat turns out, no. Gavin Newsom won't lose. If independents and Republicans turn out and Democrats stay home? Yes. Gavin Newsom could lose. I think Larry Elder almost certainly will win question, too. Here's the question of whether 50% plus one vote to toss out Gavin Newsom. And I hope they do. Let's remind you that Andrew and Todd calm or great sponsors of this show. Andrew del Rey, Tada bacon together, They have a great team. That works across the United States. Help you buy a house? The 10 year Treasury bill today is at 1.34%. It went up again. A little bit, but it went up. Steady little clique up every day because inflation is going to come in it but 4% to 5% increase year over year for the month of August,.

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