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On defense that would have been tough because what he has to learn. I is how to what is teammates feel like what does his team feel like? And so yeah, you could do that in practice he'd been up in practice before? But he hadn't played it's different. So the fact that he's able to play four or five games and get a feel for it. I think he settled in really, well, I know he had a turnover last game that happens to everybody, and it was a lesson. Well, learned again, you know, when he turned the puck over and ended up in the first goal of the game. What happens on defense says that you always have to be careful with we are puck management because you can't take chances at forwards do because the guy on the four. Check might knock the puck down out of the air. Which is exactly what happened. And then automatically you're in a in a deficit. You're scrambling around the puck ends up in the back of the net. So that was a reminder for but otherwise he moves very well. He gaps up. Really? Well, that's what I like in this team plays really, well, the lightning when their defense have a really tight gap. They swing up towards the oncoming rush coming out of his own. And I think he fit right in there. He's played with Brayton Coburn. Most of the time Kobe's pretty easy and pretty standard to play with. And I like what route has been able to do. Dave in these type of games. Everybody wants to talk about the stars. But, you know, oftentimes, it's a role player that, you know, maybe comes up big and has a moment we saw that with Alex flooring against the caps last Saturday and guys like Anthony Sallee Matthew Joseph the third and fourth liners for Tampa. Vail, all contributed mightily this year, and you talked to Yanni Gord who had twenty goals again this year back to back. Those are the type of guys that in a game. Like this. You know, getting gritty getting dirty might be able to affect the game in some capacity, certainly Lawrence. Offensive performance was a big factor in the Lightning's win the third goal sealed it with the empty netter. And then of course, court scored another empty netter. But what's been interesting about how the Lightning's lineup has evolved from last year to this year. Last year is Brandon point established himself as a top center in the league the lighting used him often as the matchup line against the other teams top line. We certainly saw that in the playoffs where he saw a lot of the Taylor hall line the New Jersey series and the Berge online in the Boston series. Now, he's got kucherov playing with it. And there have been times. And there have been games where they have matched against the other teams top line. But what is seemingly happened more and more is that sorelle is getting that assignment. Absolutely. And I think it's not to take anything away from braided point. I think Sara Lee has has elevated to the point the John Cooper saying I can use him as a matchup guy that will get Kuch against some other line where Kuch doesn't have to play against Berge. Ron's line I can get Kuch out against somebody else's line. And Brandon point as well. And so even if what you referred to Greg the third and fourth lines. So we've seen pockets line is a matchup line to like in that Colorado game of the year. They did very well. But I think you know, you look at Sarah alley here. He is a rookies plus twenty-five mean that is that is a hard plus twenty five I mean, he's not seeing cream puff if that's the right way of putting it opposition. He's seeing the best usually when he is going out on the ice. And so even if.

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