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Crossed, But I do think we know that 2021 is going to be ah, much better year substantially better year than we suffered in 2020 and a part of that A huge part of that is covert 19. Because of the advances that were made because of everything of the research of understanding the virus. Better of understanding how it spreads how it doesn't spread. What can protect us what we as individuals conducive to try to stop the spread of Cove it because of the advancement in terms of therapeutics, understanding which things are actually working. To try to give people the best chance of recovery. Hopefully some of the people who were dying early on in this virus who had the most severe symptoms who were dying. Hopefully now more people who otherwise would have had they gotten sick of that same time are now surviving because of the therapeutics that have been developed and that have proven to be so effective. Still a lot of people are dying. We have the vaccines. The vaccines have been developed. The vaccines are in distribution. And even though the logistics of vaccine distributions suck, I mean, let's face it. They are bad. They are truly truly bad, and we are not getting enough of the vaccine administered to people as otherwise we would and this is not a manufacturing problem. This is not that they can't make enough. It's a distribution problem. It's getting it out to the places that need it and then administering it to other people. There are some real questions about how this has been done. But we're gonna learn from that, too, and we're going to make those changes and we're going to have those changes made fairly quickly. And of course, I would be remiss if I didn't also mention the end of the Trump presidency. This, especially during of a crisis that we've been suffering under this cove in 19 crisis he was just ill equipped to handle. He did a terrible job of it. It was about him. It was about his ego. It was about politics with him all the way through from the get go, and so we're finally going to be shed of him a real professionals. They're going to go into the what? Not just the White House. But the various Um, agencies under the control of the executive branch. They're going to be real professionals who are going to be re establishing those entities entities that have been gutted where they started looking into it, and they found that they're so ineffective. They're so bad, in part because incompetent people have been put into place and competent people have been removed. That's going to change. It's going to take some time. Joe Biden and Kamila Harris are gonna make their first focus Cove in 19. And so today in the program here, we're going to also make our first focus Cove in 19. I know you know about the phone call from Donald Trump to, um Rapids, Bergen's secretary of state of Georgia. We are going to talk about that. We'll start talking about that, probably at one o'clock. Peter Chan Hyung is going to join us from UCSF. He's from the UCSF Medical Center. He's a wonderful doctor there and he has been with us in the past. He's an infectious disease specialist, so he'll be joining us to talk about some of the new things about Cove in 19, including the van. Vaccine distribution and including a controversial comment that was made by Bob Walker, also of UCSF, where he's now advocating for people for more doses to be administered by skipping the second dose. Four months instead of doing it, you know, first dose and then second dose administered after two weeks. He's advocating for something else. We'll talk about all of that with Peter Chan Hyung, But let's do talk right now. Just about Cove in 19. It's funny that earlier today I looked up at CNN. They're doing a new thing. Now on CNN, where They're posting. The daily numbers on an ongoing basis. It's not updating, you know, every second, it's like a ticker, but right now the death so far today or 1040 the cases so far today or 102,000. Earlier. I was looking at my thought. Oh, this is great because they were like 108 deaths or something like that, and I look at it all day long. When I'm here at the station. It's the lowest that I had seen for a long, long time. But then I realized that this is January. 4th New Year's Day was Friday and so there's probably gonna be some catching up the is going to happen. This happens during holiday weeks where it takes us a period of time to actually get the true numbers. So I'm going to expect that there's going to be a spike at some point during this week, but I'm also going to anticipate that that is simply going to be the numbers catching up to what they truly are. And then we can. We can look forward. There was this weird case. Did you hear about this? It was a case about a guy who intentionally destroyed 500 doses of vaccine. Initially, when this was reported, we were told that it was accidental that this was human error that this was a guy who accidentally destroyed these vaccines, and my understanding is that he destroyed them by leaving them out of the refrigeration and, you know, once they reached room temp that they were at room temperature, I guess for a period of time, it's so long a period time that they were rendered unusable. And so initially, it was being reported that this was accidental was completely accidental. What would investigators got involved? I mean, criminal investigators started looking into this. The guy admitted. Oh, no, I did it on purpose. Why.

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