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Six eighty s paulie MAC, creative. Tony and Shannon. Kayla of the stone foxes on NPR sports leader. This is the paulie MAC podcast run. By the great, paulie MAC right here from the kmby our morning show. Murph and MAC six to ten AM. Tony Ryan, creative. Tony ryan. I'm Shannon Kayla. From the stone foxes. We have the great Darren Chan the engineer of giants baseball is with us. And now we're making our musical picks of the week something that we do every week. And I'm going to set up what our topic is. And of course, we're talking about the man who told us all the grow up Katie is his tantrum. And while he was throwing his tantrum. Everybody seemed to notice the white White Sox cap on which is very reminiscent of ice cube, and Dr dre and of eazy, e of course, all of you know, NWEA, so we're going to pick one of our favorite. Songs by each of them. Whether it's solo or within W A. So we're all gonna take our choices. Nice, dude. Okay. Let's go like that. Well, why don't you guys in the studio? Kick off Taylor. Why don't you? Go ahead, man. Put that ball on a t and give it a boot. What you got on my goodness. Oh, well, how about this about the police? Whoa. Ooh. With the profanity and everything. We're just. Circa seventy eight. I mean, that's all that needs to be said. Yes. Well, yeah. That's as punk rock is a Kevin seriously. Something. I always man..

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