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It didn't always work out but anyway You know we'll do our best to for whatever comes in and it'd be interesting there daredevil lael ban. You know there's people that are optimistic that he's going to have a big shot although i think get a small crop. His last crop but Anytime you can find stallion or offspring before the market. So i bought one of the first tap stakes winners and before he hit i bought it for forty grand and and those kind of opportunities disappear when the when the and become popular and then all the everybody jumps on the bandwagon exactly well The daredevil story pretty amazing guy and You know the swiss skydiver her. She was really the the one that that got. The ball rolling and Again this weekend between her and she dares the devil devil Making making the mark and these two have it's an amazing story Usually usually kenny when they when they had overseas. They say they don't come back until they maybe retire as stallion. So this is This is a story that that'll right. Its own script. kennedy mcpeek. Good luck the next couple of days and Well done getting. Swiss skydiver often running a one or two. And pretty much you know. From a from a performance level evaluation picks up where she left off a three year old. all right. let me get.

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