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All murray nicole yokich gary hair's all check in during the time out would all has underneath with nineteen on the shot clock looks in look santos at the outlook man green adds up behind him to durant durant guarded by yokich backs him up to the 3point line crouches down stops it takes a long to jumpers operative police definitely got it going on tonight kevin durant is taken fifteen shots is only missed four jamal murray has an on the high right side bounce past yokich inside the our ends off behind him the barton barton stops at the free throw line at yokich opened didn't feet of rightside over the murray whistle and a threesecond lane violation whistle against the polio that will be warriors basketball comeback the other way six point lead here for the warriors you got to feel that curry's about omitted away from coming back into this game here livingston as it across the time lingard of their bajamal murray those top of the key degree left side over living still lives in on the elbow to durant one on one with wilson chandler durant those on top the thompson for a 3pointer that one list in the rebound comes down to little barton a bucket here cuts it down to four bart and has it against kevin durant gets a picture to three yes bigbuck in their makes it a roman possession game ninety seven and ninety four and were over half way home here in the fourth quarter that will get stem murray had not been off the bench year for the warriors livingston has at the elbow spins on djure jamal murray missed a jumper rebound down a will bart again barton pushing the face bart stops throws behind a bit yoke it's back over the barton barton gets a yokich pick they switch that now yokich being guarded by igloo dollars he steps out of the paint those rightsided harris for three short nobody got fouled by showing livingston three three throws coming up here for deary here's i'll be on livingston he's gonna come out anyway curry's he'll come in.

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