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Come on out meet I'll be the sports junkie for L. That's great. Let me ask. You finally believable. That is unbelievable. Let me ask you finally. I hope you don't do anything. Crazy. They're like I do. Let me ask some of your videos, you get a little salacious. Yeah. Carver high goes to me and drink's like seven hundred gallons of booze. I saw the video of you Carver sit at the bar. I think it was a long bar, right? It's harbor was all neon green suit. Yeah. Pretty nice. It was nice. It was his sloppy for a burger. And you said standing in this line and the line in here. I'm going outside to play with the birds. Listen, he was wearing on on Saint Patrick's Day. That's his Irish jagged. Let me ask you. Lastly before I get out of here. We we gotta have Ozzy on more. Is my vote. And then what do you think your whitening 'cause they're a really good hockey team? Unbelievable. The the turnaround of teams damn. Racist. I thought they're going to fold at the beginning of the year. They have the most challenge the American League heading into next year and lightning as hockey starts. Started the other night in China Russia and my phone click in the morning the hockey game. To get it done. Again this year it fell a little short. They ran into a buzzsaw name Ovechkin. I really thought they'd crude by looking for him to play your penguins figure the penguins, we dead after two long brutal tough run. And then they hit Ovechkin and company, and I know you gotta tip your hat. What about rising quitting audit? What you think is quitting? That was a bizarre movie came out of left field. I don't know what's going on because family problems or what what's going on in their man, but family problems. I know you sake h as going back to Detroit adult day in ten minutes. I'll be announcing his next gig. So I think the lightning are still the caps are going to be you know, the top and penguins three teams in the Eastern Conference. Keeping you keep in tight contact with Jeremy Roenick, I can't help. But think of Hurrell every time again, I mean, I'm friends with France will instill and obviously almost killed the coach of the Thrashers. My car's right? Drove you guys at the stadium. I just I don't remember that based on drugs and alcohol. I do not remember what the long afternoon. Yeah. You're looking at the the GM of the Thrashers after post game, we were you know, the Super Bowl was the next day in Atlanta. You were headed home you go chatted look at that guy. Right there. He thinks I'm the devil. I am the devil is great stuff tonight. We'll get you back on. Let's see how the box again, I'm covered twenty six. The guy win sportsbook. I'll be live. He's still he's still promoting his Vegas trip. I listen. Maybe we'll talk to you next week after our during the buccaneers Steeler Monday night game. Maybe we'll call you back and said, you gotta brother you didn't go to guy at free tickets. Okay. Let's say it is hotter than a blanket wrapped in your way. But it's so hot. I'd rather just I would rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon. The sitting at stadium. I believe there's. Department for something else Ozzy. Thanks for coming on the bench. Great stuff checkout. Thanks, dude. I know he the sports junkie dot com. I think is his website Ozzie Ozzie good stuff. There you go Carver high craziness. Do you have frequent heartburn like the kind of heartburn where you stash antacids everywhere, you feel like you've got to have those chalky tablets just in case heartburn strikes. If that's you know, that there's an easier way to deal with heartburn right prognostic OTC just one pill a day will last a full twenty four hours with zero heartburn with promise echo TCU can actually simply not get heartburn in the first place. No.

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