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And definitely romanisation hellenization Westernization thursday the things that come up in. They are concepts that have been challenged in archaeological studies. So my understanding of some of what you're describing the is asian so the romanisation hellenization egyptianize ation westernization. Broadly speaking as implied is when one culture comes through center actions conquering trade communication. The things that are reflected back in those interactions have been viewed by scholars as hellenization. So when the greeks made settlements in southern italy and there is an element of hellenization. That has occurred there because the material culture starts to look a lot like what is being made in athens or corn as these are their colonies when rome in the second century starts taking over greek cities and basically dismantling remaining hellenistic empires. They're taking in tons and tons of greek material and then they start changing some architectural practices. They start integrating some of their temple. Styles to reflect. Greek norms They're still doing roman. Things are still doing latin traditional things but they have added that element of greek nece which scholars then said helen izing. Now when the romans apply that elsewhere when the romans takeover let's say part of britain and the material culture that's being created. There starts to look a bit roman like starts to have elements that are familiar from roman art. It then gets called romanisation but it's a very shorthand term which is useful in a lot of ways but also does a lot to hide and to simplify what's happening in those dialogues in the process of it's not just these people are colonized and therefore they change their art. There's a lot of choice about what you do with your art. Even if you're colonized so that's kind of the dialogue about the is asians restocking about. And what do you see as some of the problems of using a term like romanisation one of the problems and especially when you start disentangling. The influences going to making lincoln specific structure that you're looking at tampa who a politically important building or a monument. So in the in the numidian context or the in the north african context. You have a number of these royalties cold day. Kibera ramia which is a large conical. Circular monument fee think of the pyramids filter similar in that is largely solid structured Starring and then has a passageway leading down into a chamber relatively small compared to the absolute massive cise with tens of thousands of cubic nieces and this tiny chamber middle end with the As it is absolute magnitude is very striking structure sitting on top of the hill in algeria. Very close to the coast and the outside drum round the entire outside drum. They are these hof carlin's today purely decorative not supporting conan's support thing. There's not much space in between them at. They're just these off collins all the way round with capitals so immediate takeaway from that is linked to the castle cultures through roman insurrection..

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