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In Oakland A's. First round pick Cuyler Murray has made his toys at it is the NFL the sooner star quarterback going on social media yesterday to announce that he is fully committed to football for more on Kyla Murli. Let's welcome in our friend NFL draft expert Mel kiper junior. Now what's going on? Well, always something right? Always there's a lot today. I will tell you that. I'm so glad we have you because we started off the show with a nice little debate between these two fine, gentlemen. And what I just wanted to. I'm so glad we have you any day. Not. I don't need a special reason is. Thank you max. One knows. I'm. Okay. Well, his going Cuyler Murray in terms of who should go number one overall and max had Dwayne Haskins. Where are you on this subject? I'm kind of reading I haven't figured it out yet a lot of happening as we speak with all these news and teams are catching up on Kyle merge is the Dame expected him to be an NFL prospect when the season began or an NFL potential player, which he is now. So I think there's a lot to be said we're going to beat the combine and hands size. You think about his height? The interview process the football IQ, which she should be phenomenal Bunder Lincoln Riley for two years. I think everything's going to fall into place for collar Murdy, go top. And is he ahead of Haskins? That right now is the beta why can't answer that definitively right now, just lying and guessing I can't give you an answer. I can't get any consensus right now. Because teams aren't even sure they don't want to go on record as the Haskins Murray debate. So right now, it's too close to call. Both those kids will be projected in the top ten of my mock draft comes out on Monday and let me. Be clear max actually said Nick both should go. First overall. These were first quarterback taken off the board. That's where he was going to join Haskins. But we'll get an here mill if you know cops are always sloppy. They're always inexact. But if you look at collar, and you say who does he remind you of people wanna mention Russell Wilson, right? They wanna go short. They wanna talk about drew Brees. They wanna talk about Russell Wilson. They want to focus solely and exclusively on his height. I gotta be honest mill and there's nothing on the surface that makes these two guys similar, but he kinda reminds me of well, at least in effect, Vince young. I remember rooting four Vince young and against Collor Murray. And I was just like it doesn't matter if it comes with his legs or arms, he's going to get that first down somehow it was just so defeating now understand heightened differences accuracy, differences personality differences who does collar Murray remind you of them. He's Cuyler Murray will I I don't know who you can pick and choose and pull a little bit. But the body type Russell Wilson isn't Kyle Murray. Russell Wilson was thicker to ten to fifteen at five ten and a half and. And three quarters. You know, he runs he I mean, he is a Kirk streets it yesterday. He's Reggie Bush running and he's a big time passer. And he's a pocket die goes through its progressions. These patient in the pocket. Yeah. He'll run when you could screw say nitpick say way left a little early the pocket because he's such a phenomenal runner. If he sees a lot of daylight. He knows Ingo fifty yards in a blink. So I think when you look at Kyle or unique talent once every X amount of years, you're not.

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