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That either work with the police or partnership with the police to respond to these situations. That is always going to help. But it's also really important. That police have de-escalation tools and alternatives to direct confrontation that is likely to escalate into a deadly force. Situation handrail. i. I'm hoping that there's a movement in this direction. And you know all i know is we. I think we talked to you last week. About lynn appropriating was at five hundred grand or something for similar sort of diversion cambridge city. Councils voting on something like this and boston are these aberration or is there finally some recognition in police departments across the country. That a that. This is the safer and by way. Cheaper according to most experts way to proceed with these these special kinds of situations. I think this could actually be a trend. I think things have reached a critical mass. Where the number of he's where Police are shooting and killing People who are in the throes of a mental health crisis when they respond to that situation. It's not to say that you know. In in some of the situations they respond to the person clearly can be armed can present danger to themself or themselves or others but the problem is that it ends up with that person dead and so there have been such a such an explosion of those reports recently and as i always say i think and i think maybe this is starting to happen when you look at what it costs to put. This kind of preventative stuff in place and you say well. That's really costly. If you're not considering settlements and judgments against police departments municipalities as a result of those deaths in those injuries when they are responding to these calls. You're not really calculating. The true cost so no matter how expensive it is. It's not really that expensive upfront. It is always going to cost you less than having the municipality or the department individual officers be sued And it costs you less in grief and sorrow and pain for the survivors of Of people who were killed. So i think i think it actually is a trend. I'm very hopeful that it's a trend and it's just smart. It's smart policing and it's good public safety. Let me just say one thing. You know a name that almost nobody knows greg long. Who's the acting head of. The boston polices happening on his watch. And he sort of under the radar after this dennis white fiasco of a month or so ago so good for him. Even an interim position implementing something that is so wise and so good. I we all think for the public. So little shoutout to a guy who's most people don't even know the name of so agree. I see holding things together. I think providing some good leadership..

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