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There was lots of interactions, shall I say between the Wagner's and the rodents the Wagner's for the males. And the roads were the females. And so according to the indictment all of principal offenders, principal offender is one who actually pulled the trigger. There are four shall I say criminal defendants, and there's four crime scenes, the implication, and the implication because there's been no expression by Mike dewine, the employee or or David Jost is the incoming E the implication of using the term principal offender is someone else over the death penalty because they pulled the trigger. This wasn't an accomplice. So the implication of the indictment is that Billy Wagner. Forty seven his wife Angela Wagner, forty eight and their two boys. George and Jake twenty seven and twenty six respectively each took one of the locations four defendants four locations. Principal offenders, that's an implication, not an expression if that's true that means that the wife Angela Wagner. Forty eight years old was actually pulling the trigger at one of the four locations. You know, many times when you and I thought about this over the last two and a half years without house. It was possible to killers this Mexican drug gang or whatever went from house to house to house to house without anyone knowing about it. Well, what if the Ford houses had four different individuals showing up at each house, and these murders took place more or less simultaneously, wouldn't that be easier to pull off let's go to the calls now, Chris lend, Joey and many others. Chris welcome to the Bill Cunningham show. Chris please go ahead. How are you? The greatest American of American. How you doing brother? I'm humble. And quietly proud the greatest holiday of all comes up in two days. I love thanksgiving more than any other because like a gift giving and the fact that I sent they give thanks and one thing I do with the Cunningham plan is I have three or four women there that I pay quite well to come into my home and to give neck massages and manicures pedicures to all the females in the house that thanksgiving to remember. What the real big rocket to the road and choose me of the holiday season,.

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