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I'm saying things that you've never heard before. And I know that when I say you always hurt the ones you love. You don't know what love is. Look at this. Look what's happening. Eighty eighty percent. Nearly eighty percent of the people in America. Have been divorced and the other twenty percent. I don't know what they do to each other. But it just hadn't been divorced yet. And they live their life out with one one of the members of the of the two. Up elise. Have you? Realized. Liz program commercial, actually. Putting mother away putting mother way she's she's seventy eighty ninety. But. Parents. Children. Don't want their parents with them. My mother used to say, I think I can remember is comes to me. No, they're not say because I missed it up. It's too long ago. A mother can bring up to children, but the children can't help them when she's old. It was something like that. Correct. But you see the point the reason why? Because the fathers died. The truth of the matter is says that. Earlier women. But the reason why they die earlier many because they don't know how to deal with her. Frustration..

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