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River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Here's Jay Brooks. Well, San die two nothing lead for the Marlins right now over the nationals at Nats park, game just moving to the top of the 6th inning, Washington so far no hits, Eric fetty. He started, he's still in there. He's four and one in 8 career starts against the fish, but the bad news for the gnats besides being down to nothing is that Juan Soto was replaced by lane Thomas and rightfield after leaving with left leg issues. We will keep you posted on that one elsewhere. Those in Minnesota, as Baltimore's on a four game losing skid, bottom of the fourth a scoreless game tennis earlier today in men's singles from Wimbledon. Francis TFO from hyattsville, Maryland, losing in 5 sets in the round of 16, also fellow American Tommy Paul's run is over in England. In mixed doubles, there is the third set right now. Venus Williams and second round action teaming with England's Jamie Murray, they won the first set dropped the second and they're in a tiebreak in the third as we speak. Formula One racing from earlier today, British Grand Prix went to Carlos signs, his first career win his first career poll earlier and the second Spanish racer to win a Formula One race. Next week, the Austrian Grand Prix 9 a.m. start next Sunday. And in the WNBA, 15.4 seconds to go in overtime the mystics starting a four game road tripper down, 73 to 70 and Connecticut, no Elena delle donne, who's missing her 9th game due to back issues. Jay Brooks, WTO sports. The top stories were following for you on WTO, holiday travel numbers are expected to be around pre-pandemic levels despite high gas prices and expected flight delays are three area airports report nearly 150 delayed flights and 11 cancellations. It's looking like pre-pandemic days in the district with 4th of July festivities back in full force, D.C. will have a parade fireworks, the concert on the west lawn of the capitol, but metro says its rail capacity will be lower than it typically is on a July 4th. Russia is claiming control today over the last Ukrainian stronghold in an eastern province that's key to achieving a major goal of its invasion. But Ukraine's president says the fight for that city is still ongoing. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. Well, here's something you're probably not used to. Some prices are going down at places like target and Walmart. The inflation crisis is not over, but after more than two years of supply chain problems, American warehouses and store shelves are filling up with stuff. Maybe too much stuff. Axios markets correspondent Matt Phillips. Furniture, electronics, patio furniture, stuff to do outside and all sorts of things like that. All the things we were demanding during lockdown have finally arrived just as most of us are sick of staying home. Anyway, maybe that big screen TV you've had your eye on will finally have a decent price. Dmitry sodis, WTO news. It's three 18. Traffic and weather on the 8s, Rick McClure is in the WTO traffic center. All right, sandy looks like the volume on the outer loop of the capitol beltway through Bethesda and Potomac started to break up a bit headed toward the legion bridge. We have the crash near river road that was cleared last report, and that's still your only slowdown on the beltway right now through Maryland and Virginia. Through Maryland, 9 to 70, the crash cleanup still going on, headed north to Germantown, near route one 18, the crash involved several vehicles happened last hour early last hour, making progress now with at least two lanes to the right slowly getting you by the laser started to get less and less. That's a good sign. I 95, no problems there. The BW Parkway with some volume headed north of green belt and that's it. Route 50 good cross to bay bridge. The eastbound side is where the delays are from cape saint Clair to the tolls. You're good on the westbound side. Three lanes west and two lanes east across the bay. Very quiet over Virginia in 66 to three 95 I 95 just weekend volume slowdown south approaching the aka Kwan and parts of woodbridge and you may get a brief volume slowdown headed north through Fredericksburg and that's it for the Virginia side of 95. The Roman Catholic archdiocese of diocese of Washington wishes everyone a safe and joyous summer reconnect with your local Catholic parish as you enjoy summer activities, find mass times at 80 W dot org Rick McClure traffic. Now to storm team four meteorologist, Ryan Miller, sunshine for the remainder of today and lower humidity values as we get towards evening, air temperatures in the middle 80s this afternoon and it looks like tomorrow is going to be even hotter but not as humid once again so the July 4th forecast for D.C. looks great. Lots of sunshine all day long, perfect weather for outdoor activities and the fireworks tomorrow night. It's gonna be hot with highs near 90°, but not oppressively humid. Tuesday and Wednesday we're back to wins out of the south. That means more heat and humidity in a daily chance of afternoon storms. I'm storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller. It's 86° in rosslyn, 86 at farragut square in the district, and 89 in Laurel brought to you by Len the plumber, trusted same day service 7 days a week. Coming up on WTO, you'll

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