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The right single by left lane is being blocked now Yorktown the workers after glee broke with two left lanes getting by Ian Crawford WTOP traffic feeling more like summer out there than spring on this Friday with temperatures warming into the low to mid eighties after starting off in the upper fifties to low sixties mostly to partly sunny skies today once the sun comes up and breezy wins there's a chance for a stray thunderstorm later today but most if not all of the day is looking dry their chance for some scattered showers maybe a rumble of thunder overnight tonight the chance for shower thunderstorm on Saturday otherwise partly to mostly cloudy skies tomorrow with highs around eighty a storm team four meteorologist Emily draper right now we are at sixty five degrees in our nation's capital is what you're seeing on your commute call the WTOP traffic center at eight six six three zero for WTOP Washington's top news traffic and weather keeping you informed twenty four seven three sixty five it does a big day a little less healthier these days that are used to be we hear record rainfall upsetting the salt balance causing more pollutants to run off into the water Scott Phillips the coordinator of the Chesapeake Bay for the U. S. Geological Survey says heavy rainfall in twenty eighteen dumped sixty inches of fresh water into the bay so that record amount of rainfall washed in a lot more pollutants into the bay which can degrade the water quality conditions it's part of the reason the bays water quality was downgraded by four points to thirty eight percent meeting that's the amount of the bay's water with sufficient levels of dissolved oxygen he says it's also change the levels of the salt in the water in some cases wasters would require a certain amount of salt died off.

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