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New Hampshire crash with injuries on 93 south, bound between exit 17 and 16 and conquered hung up about a half mile there. Looking out to the West. We see a hazy shade of winter, but no problems through Worcester on route to 90. The pike is clear between 2 90 route 1 28 David Straka Lino WBZ traffic on the threes hazy shade of winter sticks with us for a number of days as well. Let's check the accurate The forecast Now with Matt Ben's perhaps a touch of snow. We're freezing drizzle for this morning with just a plain rain shower for the South Shore and Cape. Tougher. Some slick spots and untreated roads highs today from 28 to 33 degrees. The temperatures easily reached the mid to upper thirties for the South Shore in Cape Tonight cloudy couple flurries low of 28th and watching for a couple periods of snow fort Tomorrow, perhaps mixing in with some sleet and freezing rain, at times, eyes from 31 to 37 degrees, periods of snow, sleet and freezing rain, then for tomorrow night changing over there, just rain. Boston and for areas along the coast late as temp tres warm up. Look for low around 32 degrees Tuesday periods of rain in the morning, tapering off to a shower for the afternoon high. 36 dry for Wednesday mostly sunny but cold. I have 27. I'm actually me. The other map ends WBZ Boston's news radio Right now. Clouds in Boston and 27 degrees at 9 55 is Jordan. Hey, Welcome to connoisseurs Corner. I'm Jordan Rich and joining me is good friend Mark Hurwitz Rights for Dig Boston magazine. He also has a terrific website called Hidden Boston dot com. For those out of.

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