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I replay it today. So without further ado, Here's me with the Rockies and Nationals a few minutes away from starting Game two of today's split doubleheader. It got me thinking about Mr Cub, the late great Ernie Banks and his infamous Let's play to quote So tonight, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about Ernie and the origins of that famous line. Ernie Banks was known for making a difference through his approach on life. In fact, one of my favorite scenes of hiss a line that my grandfather would tell me from time to time, was it sometimes digging for gold is more important than the gold itself. You see, Ernie Banks understood the principle that who you are and who you become in pursuit of a goal is more important than the goal itself. And, of course, his infamous. Let's play to quote has been associated with the Hall of Famer since July of 1969. Legend has it. It was around 105 degrees that day in Chicago, And when banks arrived at the last place Cubs Club house, he noticed that everybody looked tired and was down in the dumps of bed. So untypical banks fashion, Ernie stood in the middle of the room and said, It's a beautiful day out there, boys. Let's play to his cups. Teammates apparently looked at him like he was nuts. There were also a couple of writers in the room and the quote has lived with Ernie ever since. Ernie Banks believed that by taking responsibility for his own attitude, or by creating his own weather, as he liked to refer to it, he could make the weather nicer for everyone around him as well. Very sound advice. So, as Ernie Banks would say. Let's play to know I'm not quite sure how Mr Cub would feel about Theseventies affairs, but I do know he's greatly greatly missed. And if you ever wanted to know the history of.

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