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Day of the impeachment trial of former President Trump. CBS News correspondent Stacey Lynn is on Capitol Hill. With the latest the defense team presented their case to acquit Mr Trump attorney Bruce Castor President Trump did not incite were caused the horrific violence. Attorney Michael Vander Wien said. The impeachment is completely devoid of the fax the Senate should promptly and decisively. Vote to reject it. After the defense wrapped up questioning from senators began, house manager Stacey Plaskett answered one. About what steps Mr Trump took to address the violence. We did not hear him. Tell those individuals stop. We did not hear that. Questions continue for up to four hours. The final vote to convict or acquit could come on Saturday. Stacey Lynn CBS NEWS Capitol Hill And we'll get more news. Now, with Kate McKay's Joe Michael's Kitty. Dozens of recent attacks against Asians in California have members of the Asian Pacific Island or legislative caucus, vowing to doom or to stop the hate crimes. Sacramento Senator Dr Richard Pan shares the AP I caucus and says the attacks have gotten worse during the pandemic. He also says part of the problem is the lack of data about who commits hate crimes and who the victims are and tracking is certainly very important, and it's critical for Law enforcement community play a stop to the violence. We also know that oftentimes people are afraid to come forward. When these events have happened, Senator Pan and other members of the A P I caucus have introduced a bill that would require the state Department of Justice to track hate crimes more closely and to include more information about the criminals and the victims. Exciting news for Sacramento baseball fans. The Sacramento of the Sacramento the San Francisco Giants are extending their partnership with the river Cats for another decade cave because John Brown eyes he tells us the local club couldn't be happier. The agreement means the Sacramento team will continue as the Giants top minor league affiliate into the 20 thirties. Club general manager Chip Maxon says it's exciting to see young players dreams come true, but it's also bittersweet when they move up to the Big League team special moment. Certainly for these players for their families for us on then, for all the fans here in Sacramento that that love him, Maxine says It's also fun for local fans to see their major league heroes rehab injuries and work out their game mechanics in Sacramento, unique things about minor league baseball that makes it so special is That that access and just the intimacy with the players, Maxine says they hope to have a schedule of games in the next week or two, and we'll work with local public health officials to see how they can have a river cat season this year. John Byrne is E news. 93.1 KFBK It's 6 34 on the kfbk. Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil. Alright, thanks. Joe and hundreds of Angelenos were denied coronavirus vaccinations Thursday after sites run by the city of Los Angeles ran out of doses earlier than expected. Get the case in a Kodiak has to take. I've city run mass vaccination sites, including Dodger Stadium will be closed at least today and tomorrow because of a major vaccine shortage. Local sites received a combined 16,000 doses this week compared to 90,000 last week, a drop which officials still haven't explained. The city isn't expecting to get any new shipments of doses until after Monday's President's Day holiday. Dina Kodiak News 93.1 KFBK And now we'll get you cut up in this hour's top national stories on news 93.1.

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