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I had many really bad days where I've woken up in the morning, turn on the radio. And they've turned it completely around. We'll show you guys way mood are you up on cold Coleman? This is Mr Michael Oppenheimer. Gives me hell for eating animal crackers, all cut a Beijing. This guy he mind Shirish. I have a shell was to one on the shell has never felt more perfect more. Well, rounded Bondi, your may thing this great. It's great. I love the best. Restore in in the morning show, and here, it is colder Friday. Yeah. Hello Friday doing it is a Friday January twenty fifth. You know, people are dropping like flies around this place de l is out for danger to elm some flu thing Nate, of course, had an operation yesterday. And he is up an it. And he's feeling great. So that was a success. Some of us are kind of sniffling kind of limping around the place. Don't Andy how you feeling today? I'm going to be honest. I feel good. However, I woke up this morning with like one percent of a drip in my no not allowed. And I'm upset with everyone. Here. Who's come in? Sick frog. You how you feeling I'm doing okay right now of us. Don't talk to anyone don't get near near anyone look at people. Don't look at people just hide under the bed. Yeah. Producers of how are you? I'm going to be honest. We're on the cuss. Oh, you're on. He's trying to get us. What an evil little faster. This thing is well, then assured to the bubble. No matter what you're doing. No matter how you feeling it is Friday. Since. Six..

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