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You'd be more secure when it comes to your money and some of that is overblown right like the idea of being able to buy coffee every now and again outside of the house. Like that's not gonna make a break you but yeah it is true that those little things do add up and i remember that that was one thing. My mom always told me growing up. Is that the little things. Add up and it's true like even something as small as a haircut. How much money you could lead to over you know. A few decades is pretty impressive. So yeah just just to note. You don't necessarily have to cut your hair at home i like to have someone else. Cut my hair. It's quicker to have that done. It's less messy drive there to try the lesser. Yeah so You don't necessarily have a dog in this fight. So where people want to want aside at no problem with people painting it there seeing here to each his own her own. But it's nice to see the numbers and be like. okay yes. Is it worth it for me to start at home because it will mean a whole lot more money down the road if i start doing it myself but then again you might get passed up for the race because your hair looks awful. I don't know there's a lot of things to consider. that is true man. Let's introduce the beer that we're going to enjoy this episode is by cruz blanca a out of illinois and this is echo corn gazette This is sent to us by dennis looking forward to enjoying this one on the show and we will share thoughts at the end of the episode. No doubt but for now. Let's go to the topic at hand. Matt and let's dig in people assess whether real estate investing is right for them Recently matt i've kind of become fascinated by big waves and the people that you have yeah like surfers that decide to risk their lives and go out and serve. Sixty foot swells. Well if you must have you talked about how you wanna go like if you had to go out and like a giant you know flash go out by like letting this giant tsunami or just the giant wave just overtake you like the worst thing now if you had to dine in natural disaster. That's the best way to go drowning. Drowing awful you don't drown in soon. Nami one hundred foot wave hits you. I think he just kind of like boom. You're gonna think you're out. I guess if there's a piece of wood in the way they hit you in the head sure the sheer force of that way. Dude come on. We'll see now. He's like big but they're slow. You're picturing like one of these massive like like you're talking about these giant waves that people like the big wave surfers surf. Yeah i don't think there's many of those overtaking countries or whatever no yeah right so but really yeah. The the big waves fascinating. I think it's kind of incredible how you can get it is cool. Waves that big Because i'm used to play in two foot waves in the atlantic Ocean or the gulf mexico and like sometimes the more that we research something the more we we realize that..

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