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U._n._c. et cetera et cetera michigan you know they have to play virginia tech with that. They they host virginia tech then virginia georgia tech pit f._s._u. Florida international and then duke folks that is miami scheduled this year if they can come out and upset florida and the opener they are l. Legitimate playoff contender in june because of the schedule you know that's just what it is so if you wanna get a future bed in on on miami debate the playoff or to with the title you want to go really really long shot i do. I think it's going to happen no not necessarily but if they win this game they are in a very very good position where they're going to be favored in pertinent every game down the stretch well and this is one of those things right. Now i have miami power to seventy eight and then the number twenty six team in my power ratings although effectively tied for the twenty fourth of washington state and florida state if jerry williams is that dude and they're just running through the a._c._c. that number clemson's maybe ten or eleven in the a._c._c. championship game for me <hes> so it's not a ridiculous hedge to hedge against a playoff future or national championship future because they're probably not going to beat clemson but at least you're set up to make some profit which is ultimately the goal of every futures bet that you may for let's transition over here to game to ninety three to ninety four arizona and hawaii arizona double digit favourite eleven the consensus market number out there a lot of interesting cats. Keep an eye on in this game. Though oh yeah yeah i i know the other ones bigger got more ramifications but <hes> <hes> the daycare is the one that i'm i'm really like far forward to. I i love hawaii able where the stadium app late saturday night you know every saturday i love the whole thing called mcdonald a return to the the run-and-shoot and everything like that and arizona's another fascinating fascinating seeing you know an atom curious to get your take on this but for me. I'm seeing this game different than some people and i think it's because i see the way these seems seasons played last year a little bit different you know hawaii finish eight and six and everyone is thrilled with that you know because of the way the offense played and everything like that it was it was very exciting. They were back in in both season. They started out six on everything like that. <hes> whereas arizona finishes five and seven it was it was someone coming in you know his system. Khalil tate's high-octane skill set everything like that and they were going to take the world over on offense. They had all this returning talent last year and then you know they they sort of him. I'm to this five and seven finish. They had some very embarrassing losses. In there. You know starting houston. I think in <hes> even the opener to last year got blown out by using then it got you blown out by a couple of pac twelve teams later on in the demoralizing stuff but i again i see it a little bit differently hawaii. They finish eight and six. They made the ball and everything every day but that was on the back of his six one start well. They were just playing a bunch of cans at the beginning of the season a bunch of cans. Who also you know you go back to the tape thing you're and williams these horrible teams. That hawaii started last year. They had no tape on the run and shoot offense. You know i mean i i it seems by the way that they played it that their coaches weren't showing them the the old coke colt brennan stuff or anything like that especially you go back to zero last year when they just ambushed colorado state and it was just like oh my gosh. What are we seeing. We'd heard whispers that they were going to switch to that offense but it was like it was like cold. You saw cole mcdonald coming on the field. I was just like oh my god. It's this it's cold brennan all over again and stuff like that you know so they ambush him but it turned window. Colorado state's dunk whereas with you know some of those other teams that hawaii be <hes> whereas you know they they get blasted by houston. They lost b._y._u. Well the.

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