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Its seven Michael of in the Right Side of conversation, 8 90. W. L S. Arcamax is of entropy. Rochelle were joined on the line by one of my favorite authors, Daniel Jurgen, He's author of a great new book called The New Map, Energy Climate and the Clash of Nations All about American Innovation. The Shale Revolution. Daniel, Thanks for joining the show really appreciate it. A pleasure to be with you. Thank you. So let's talk about the shell Revolution because it is a really underrated part of everything that is going on right now. From Middle Eastern peace to the green at new Deal, Whatever she started out with policy, the Middle East you've written books, obviously the past about the power of oil in world politics. One of things that we watched breaking out the Middle East is now this This new sort of peace movement between the U. S. A. And Bahrain and Israel in Saudi Arabia is likely to sign on some of that is driven by the geopolitical situation with regard to Iran. But some of that is driven by the fact that a lot of these oil rich countries in the Middle East simply do not have dominance on the world market the way the day once said, How do you think that the Shell Revolution America's innovation in the production of natural gas and oil? How's that changed politics? Been in his transformed politics has transformed the position of the United States in the world for being the largest importer of oil to being the largest producer of oil in the world. And it's had a very positive effect on our economy in terms of jobs in terms of manufacturing, in terms of over $200 million of new investment in factories in the United States, and as you suggest, it's also change the position of the United States in the world. It's given us a flexibility that we didn't have before. So let's talk about you know the impact of a fracking and natural gas on the environment. One of the things that's so astonishing right now is that we are watching a particular people in the Democratic Party, declaring that the end of the world is nigh that climate change is responsible for everything from the hurricanes that we're seeing to the wildfires in the West. And it is sort of the climate change is happening, and it's also true that it is largely man made. But it is a greatly underrated part of the narrative that the reason that the United States has drastically reduced its emissions over the last five years. More than any other country on Earth. So far as I'm aware, is not because of regulations, but because of the substitution of natural gas for oil. And it's exactly that many of these damn Democrats are attempting to curb You guys, You know, it's such a important point, then because thie us, I mean, we've taken our emissions down to the levels of the early 19 nineties and our economies doubled it. We've done much better than any other country in terms of addressing out and yet it gets no credit, and it's because natural gases pushed Cole out of Electric generation. So I think the benefits just you know, there are environmental industrial activity. It has to be regulated properly, and it is largely regulated properly. But the notion that if you say Let's ban fracking is And then I say, Well, what's the rest of it? That's what happens in well. I think banning fracking is really an import more oil policy because that's what happened and it would create a gap in the world market, which would be made up by other countries. Who would be glad to take marketshare from the United States that is turning back. I mean, we have 280 million cars in the United States, They're not going to go away. What do you think is driving this this movement to ban fracking? And you've seen Joe Biden saying he's going to ban fracking. He's just going to stop new oil leases, which, of course amounts to eventually banning fracking. Why do you think there's described to do it? It is an environmental good. It is significantly better than oil drilling is taking power away from dictatorial countries, which had had a stranglehold on the world Energy markets. What is driving this you'd open? I asked myself, You know, I think about that a lot and I had to think about is writing a new map. I scratched my head. I should. Okay. What is it that you really don't like? What is it? I think it's I think it's it's. It's a bumper sticker that says, you know the word fracking is a great thing to be against. I guess it's actually called hydraulic fracturing or, well stimulation. But you know, it's known as fracking, and I think it's kind of it's emotional rather than you know when you look at it, and you say what's the consequences of that will cost a lot of jobs in America? And it's not going to mean it is any less oil used in the world. Just mean dollars would stay in our country instead of going overseas. So let's talk for a second about the supposed environmental risks of fracking Daniel Jurgen. His new book is the new map, energy climate and the Clash of nations. The environmental left suggest that fracking is inherently dangerous. We see all sorts of bizarre information put out about how fracking is causing people to be able to light fumes from their sinks on fire and all this sort of stuff. What are the actual risks of wracking Because again, you see this sort of greatly exaggerated the media that it's causing earthquakes that That there are these unknown risk sort of in the same way that the left has played up the risks of nuclear power that have never truly materialized in well built nuclear facilities. Well it you know, even the film that showed people you know, lighting this, you know water because it's supposedly had, you know, because of fracking actually didn't come from that It came from other things. You know, I actually was on a commission that, you know, reviewed all of this, and it's say it has to be regulated properly. There were you know, there were some earthquakes in Oklahoma because of not fracking, but because of Re injection of the water that comes out from cracking into an inappropriate location. But mostly, you know the notion that it poisons water. I mean, this is, you know, we're producing huge amount of oil with just technology. And if there was really these, you know really problems we hear about them consistently. But you know, things that are sighted either, are ah are either Unusual or things that need to be fixed or actually didn't happen. So you know this, but I find again. There's this kind of emotional reaction of environmental disaster. When people don't actually say Well, okay, tell me what the environmental problems. There's some things that have to be managed to manage emissions and so forth. You have to matter. You know it's an industrial activity, but kind of Ah talked it out there. I mean, this is you know, this is a great American story about disruptive technology. And, you know, tell the story of the guys who made it happen, and it's you know, they did it by being stubborn and having a different way of doing things and no one really saw how known really believe it could even happen. Most people who the textbook said it couldn't happen. And yet it's made the United States the world's largest oil producer, now amazing seeing Daniel Jurgen. His new book is the new map, energy climate and the Clash of nations. So what would it Joe Biden presidency Mean for gas prices, for example, I think one of the going theories of the left is that we need a massive carbon tax. This, of course, will be passed on to consumers of gasoline. It's a regressive tax because the people who most need to use the gas or the people need to drive to work. Not the Richie riches. You get to sit home and do their jobs remotely. Basically all the people.

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