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On this, he they have missed the most games in the league due to injuries. And part of that is because Isaac and Carter Williams and full 7 plead. It all but they've also employed the second hardest schedule. In the league, which is, I mean, that's all danger. Yeah. And they're already not good. So you had not good, injured, and Yeah, there are four and 18. Maybe you should feel good that they're even have that decent of a record. So yeah. That's certainly a tough situation. That's not only are they an undersized or if they're if they're compared to the rest of the NBA, they're going into a fight undersized lack of experiences there too. And now you're making the fight with an arm behind their back by getting that schedule in the early going in the injuries. So this is not an easy situation for them. Cole Anthony again does sound more to be like game to game kind of thing. Maybe he'll come back from that sprained ankle soon. Hopefully, because he's been a bright spot for them, but yeah, tough going early on for the Orlando Magic. Now losing Jalen suggs to the broken thumb. Speaking of thumbs, we just got word that Avery Bradley will be missing in action tonight for the Los Angeles Lakers due to a thumb sprain. We don't know the severity of it or how long he will be out possible. It's just a one game thing, the Lakers don't play again until Friday against the clippers, so maybe he's back for that one. We'll have to wait and see what we hear there. But that means there will be a new starting lineup for the Lakers tonight. We'll see a again. Again, another new starting lineup for the Lakers Avery Bradley out. But you know yesterday Frank Vogel actually during a media availability, which we're going to talk about in a minute. He actually had to defend Avery Bradley. The question was brought up by Kevin itki. The question was brought up of the advanced ads and what that meant for Avery Bradley. What Frank Vogel was seeing in him that had him continue to be in the starting lineup and Vogel admitted that hey, the advanced stats, they don't look great, but we're taking all of that with a grain of salt. We believe his energy is infectious. We believe that he, that he brings more life on the defensive end of the floor to the team, despite what the advanced stats say, which the advanced eth say they are much better with him off the floor than on. So interesting and now they get a chance to see what the other side looks like with Avery Bradley rolled out due to injury. It's really funny because that goes all the way back to his Boston days. Excuse me, there was always this sense you would ask players and when they do those polls of players. Who's the toughest on ball defender? Who's this? Who's that? Avery Bradley, we consistently rank high, where was, you know, he's a guy, you don't want to go against. You want to make your life tough. There is a period of time where he was the guy that they played him and Isaiah Thomas together under Brad Stevens is a starting backcourt, which is a super small backyard. That's the easily where the smallest backcourt in the league. But there were times when they basically said, very, maybe you got stuff, lock them down. And they won those games in Golden State, one of the warriors were kind of at the peak of their powers. And Avery Bradley was a huge part of that..

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