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This is what book you. I'm Brooke Shelley and thanks for listening on this episode. I have June. Her whose debut novel silence of bones comes out on April. The twenty first we talked to June Learn about her kind of influence is growing up what she liked to read how she transformed that into some of her early writing and then just from their her journey on and giving us this debut and what she learned about herself throat grey conversation so listen so June. What book hooked you so for me? It was president prejudice. Spe Jane Austen I read it when I was around twelve because my dad was trying to find ways for me to read his. I I hated reading. I hated English class. I was failing it So yeah he just like try to find different books for me and she got me pride and prejudice and I watched an adaptation of it as well and I fell in love with it and then from there on I started writing pride and prejudice fan fiction and so it really opened my mind up to like how powerful books are. Help you escape into a world. That's totally different from yours. So that was it yet prejudice so I know a lot of adults that can't get through pride and prejudice. So what was it about it that as a twelve year old you sort of fell in love with this book so when I read it when I was twelve I the experience is probably much different from what I read it when I was much older. I reread it again in university completely different but when I was younger I saw the loves Germanic. Oh Mr Darcy Elizabeth. Oh Gosh so romantic. That was all I sign. I skimmed through all like things. Social Commentary I it. It just flew over my head so just the love story. I think that was the first love star I read and yeah that that made me fall in love with the idea of like Romance Romance novels and then I read j near her. And then I transitioned into lake. You know historical romance in general like written by more modern de Raiders. Say it was. It was a romance that hooked me so and then when it came to your fan fiction. Did you find you were primarily writing? What were the plots of those stories? Typically about L. is it was very interesting So when I was twelve I I wrote so. When one of the stories are the longest was Mr Darcy was a French spy working for Napoleon and Elizabeth was a British spy working for the Queen and so it was like a forbidden romance like they realized right before. They're going to get that. Oh no we'RE SPIES FOR THE OFFICE. It Nick countries who can't fall in love and it was that that's great. Yeah so as you got older now. You're writing Waie so and you were more the age of the audience. Was it still very much historical romance your into or are there other books that you can really remember from that time that were important to you. And so when I was a teen I read mostly historical romance am I did I also I think I just love the nineteenth century in general site. I got also into classics so I read. You know like I said all of Charlotte. Bronte's work the Bronte sisters And all of gene ears. Jane austen's work and several others But those are the books. I focused moron and it wasn't until university that I got more into literary fiction like contemporary literary fiction through indigenous books and I think that was what really changed the game indigenous Rex. I don't know what it was. I think when I was just the way just how unique and and well written the books that my professors selected for us was it. It just helped me appreciate words. More just words in general like how authors choose to use certain words and not other words and that that just changed my writing as well. Yeah and so. Does that imply because you say it changed? Your mind does imply during this entire time you were writing in there and there was an idea of you wanting to be a writer so I I was always reading always writing some kind of fan fiction. I started with pride and prejudice. And then I wrote enemy Fan fiction and then I got back into historical romance and that was when I started to write my own original work but I never considered publishing until around university after I guess yeah like reading in Indigenous Literature and falling in love with the craft of writing in general. I think that really Made me consider taking my writing in a more like taking it more seriously and then yeah university was when I first grade agents. And what was that? What are you writing at that time? Then you were taking the agents. It was it was actually stucco Romance And so throughout university like as I read different kinds of books I think I still love roam the romance genre but I think I realized that much more like I have a bigger interest in things like identity and The theme of home and so slowly over the years as I was in school I the themes that wrote about transition and so I think I just ended up transitioning out of Romance And then I ended up writing women's fiction so the book that I'm debuting with right now. I actually tried to write it initially as a women's fiction as a women's historical fiction but for some reason the heroine's was so strong I she's sixteen years old so she's the one I blame her. She made me right away and I'm so glad that I did. I realized that the things I care about our thing like themes that youth are really passionate about like trying to find who you are trying to find your home So yeah it. Just it just evolved naturally over time by being exposed to different types of books so central. Let's start talking about debut. The silent of bones comes out on April twenty first so give me the rundown of what the books about. Aso It set. In Chosen Dynasty Korea specifically eighteen hundred. And it's about an indentured servant named sell who must assist a young inspector with the investigation of murdered novel noblewoman but more to the case than meets the eye and they'll be out yet like you said April twenty first and so you already mentioned how the initial idea this book it was more. You were thinking women's fiction but what was that initial idea that got just reading this book So I was reading British historical for most of my life but then after two failed rounds of crane over the span of nearly a decade. I think I just got really burnt out. And and it was just. Whenever I thought of writing about Britain again I just felt so insecure and I just remembered all the rejections received and so finally I was just like I. I love history Let's try to write about a different type of history and so I- research initial I researched a bit about American. History is that it's it's just a big general but I am not an American. I don't know how to connect to that history like there's just so much work to be done to like you know build my knowledge from scratch and saw. I considered Canadian history. But it just wasn't clicking with me and suddenly go let me let me Decree in history bit since I'm Corinne and then I had no idea. I had very little knowledge of but after researching but I just fell in love with it. Like head over heels. I never felt this way but any history before and and it was. I think it was just like the idea that I never felt very Korean until I learned about history and then I realized like I have roots that are aspects of history that have come to influence me and who I am today and so I think being your reflection of myself in history really made me want to dig deeper into it and I was mainly fascinated by this event called that she knew but K. It happened in eighteen hundred eighteen o one and it was the mess persecution of Catholics. And I found it really fascinating. How back then career was close-door kingdom and so I was fascinated by this tension between the people who wanted to maintain tradition and to a block off any kind of Western flints and then Western power sort of kind of a finding their way into Korea through the means of religion. And there were like sincere Catholics but then there were also people using Western knowledge Western teaching in general as a way to just regain power and I found that tension really fascinating and so I tried to think of a way to read a book around this tension and that's how I ended up with the silence of bones and so you had mentioned earlier that originally The main female character you thought would be more of a woman who's ended up changing that. How did you come to that realization? So when I I wrote her I think I projected what I wanted her to be liked. I wanted I imagine this like maybe twenty one year old amateur sleuth and she's like a bit cold and cynical and a bit tormented. I like the idea of the tortured. Tormented detective kind of trope But as I wrote her like she just constantly like I'd be writing and then suddenly she like she leaps off stairs and she's like running around the capital and her eyes are like sparkling with so much curiosity. I'm like no. This is not the cynical woman I'm imagining. And she kept acting out in different ways. That was outside of the trump Trenton. Like traveling and so in the end the book just felt so split. Like there's this one heroine who I'm trying to make you know more cynical and then there's this other side of her where she's a totally different. She's a bit naive and full of energy and kindness and it just felt so off so I think as began revising the book I had to just let go of that control and just let the story run on. Its own so when it became clear to you that it was going to be a A. Why a book is that a category that you already had some familiar airdie with or did you have to sort of figure out. What would that take really align within this category? Yeah that's a great question So the only way was exposed to was basically like Harry Potter twilight and and the books that weren't specifically marketed. As why but ended up in books for teens and of Green Gables. I love that series So I read a lot of the classics that were meant for teams but weren't specifically targeted towards teens. And some of my favorite adult books are actually coming of age books. So when I wrote why I didn't really think of like you know the hot and trending books of today but more more just like I did what writers are not advised to. I didn't really write for an audience. I just wrote you know just a coming of age story. I didn't really think about whether it was a wii or an adult like I initi- thought my book was an adult but it turns out it was better suited for the white audience This second book. I wrote the signs of what was actually just a book. I wrote when I was about to give up on publishing so I wasn't really thinking of target And whence my agent decidedly go? This might be better suited for the white audience. That's when I began reading more..

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