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But what was good for sports writer was they would submit interviews openly. They wanted you to talk to them. They wanted you to write to them. And i was fortunate in that. I was writing for the sporting news. I wrote a column on pro basketball for the sporting news for nine years. I wrote calms for the boston by the basketball news. The basketball times the basketball digest busy boy. And of course the street and smith's which you referred to as the bible of basketball and let me say this if anybody is interested in those people and wants to read different stories about them. It's i don't write about games. I don't write about statistics. I write about people and today you know. Most of the bookstores are closed. Waldenbooks b dalton borders. They're all went bankrupt and it's hard to find a bookstore to shopping mall these days. So i sell all my books directly and the best way to get in touch with me is to google pittsburgh sports author jim brian and That's o'brien with an e. Not an a and the thing is you'll find my website and it has information about all the books in the series and i hope to. I hope to stay healthy and wanna continue to buy it. I don't. I don't really make any money so in books anymore. I made a lot of money at one point showing books. But i don't print as many now and i'm happy if i pay the bill because i just wanna write two stories. I have them. I'm sitting next to a room where i have thirty four file cabinets and they all are filled with photos and information about different ball players. I just did a story about the rooney family. This morning owned the steelers. And i have at least seven inches deep of folders about art rooney. Dan rooney art junior. And i have individual files on terry bradshaw on franko harris and rocky bleier. Those people and i had an opportunity about Two years ago. To fly to calgary canada with franco harris sitting across from me in a private jet. It's someone sent to pick us up to come. And speak at a dinner in calgary so i had. I'm sitting across from franco harris like a priest and a confessional box. That's how closely where and i talked to him for about ten hours each way going and coming. Nobody not even his wife. Never talk to franco harris for that. Long franko was thought to be. And i i would. I would say it was true. He was a difficult interview whenever he was playing ball. He was quiet you prefer. He was sat in a corner of the locker room. He'd make a face as sports writer walking his way. And i had all that time with him and then with rocky bleier a. He was going to the hall of fame for a special ceremony. And ken ohio and i asked him if i could ride with him and i said i can interview on the way down and interview on the way back and it won't take up any your time because you gotta go anyhow. I sat and rode shotgun now. The thing about that is i. I learned to do that from bill. Bradley dollar bill when he was planning for the knicks in nineteen seventy season. One day i was supposed to interview him after practice at a death school on long island because the nixon have a place to practice they would practice a different gyms. Imagine that and Madison square garden was always tied up with the circus or wrestling or boxing..

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